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  1. Adonai

    [Approved] (GT) NPCs and you

    I noticed that there only few maps with WoE Warper. Please include it in all maps.
  2. Adonai

    Dyna Effects

    Good Day! I just noticed that there are new premium headgear effects (upper, lower, mid). Can we update the dyna effects and include those new effects from the new headgears? e.g. Trident, Poring Party, etc.
  3. Adonai

    WoE Times and you

    I suggest to bring back to old WoE times. 3pm-5pm +8GMT and 3am-5am +8GMT
  4. Adonai

    Adonai's Corner

    Welcome to Adonai's Corner Feel free to DM me or rodex me in-game | IGN: Adonai / Ho Lee Schitt BUYING: +10 Hardened Steel Katar +10 Corvo Sterne SELLING: