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  1. Gearing Creator (WoE)

    That's some useful info, tysm kaiiruuu! And yes, I even have that Red Bag, but overread it was for AD dmg also. My bad! My old server hadn't that item either. Well, long time I didn't play. And Grimtooth.. yes! I totally forgot about that item. This is helping alot, thank youu
  2. Gearing Creator (WoE)

    Hi! Although I used to main Creator on a High Rate Server (similar max level as here), I am still abit lost because of all the custom gear.. status effects, 9 headgear slots @[email protected] (I am used to 3 :p) etc.. well, many things different here, which is good but makes me feel like a newb xP Unlike most here I didn't play RebirthRo and so I am not sure what to go for - focused on WoE. 1) As for weapon.. atm I can think of Combat Knife as the only option. But is there a better choice mayb? 2) Accessories - with the Custom rings and cards etc.. it's abit overwhelming. I use Des Ring only for farming, but as known, the +atk won't work on AD.. is it still worth cuz of the +5 all stats? Or does exist sth better out there? And is anti-coma-clip actually worth one accessory slot (from your experience / point of view)? 3) With the customization is it rather recommended, to refine all armor despite IP / Thanatos Card? And is Valk set the way to go? Or is there any custom which would be more useful for AD Creators? 4) Are there other "must have" as headgear cards, beside ESL, Orc Hero, MayaP? Any recommendation on how to fill all those headgear slots? Thank you very much in advance.
  3. Suggestion Thread

    1) How about adapting drop rates of items dropped through cards? Example Gargoyle Card. Official it's 1% and after testing seems like it stayed at 1%. Now 20% will be too high most properly, but a custom drop rate for those slightly higher? 2) How about enabling Call/Rest/Resurrect Homunculus in Prontera? Just for convenience. Specially when still raising Intimacy (and sometimes you go afk and wanna take it to sleep :p) - so one needn't leave the town every time just to do that and it doesn't seem to cause actually issues.