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    I would suggest also to reduce the deathmatch kills. too long for less people I think. I like that happy hour where the badges double from time to time. its a good one. hope you consider my suggestions
  2. Game Changer


    Hi RevivalRo, Good day!, I would like to suggest the promotion of the battlegrounds in the server with their price and items the player will get for PVP and WOE. Also if feasible, increase the points being received by 2x to encourage players to join the battlegrounds in relation to this the items in the battleground rewards will increase in 150%. example 200 point item will be 300 points now before you obtain this applies to all. Or make it a non donate place where all is equal donator or non-donator cause some are afraid to join because of strong players lurking inside the Battlegrounds. this will equalize the playing stats of all players inside it will be all base to the ability of the player how they will win. there are many quest/crafted/set items that can help players kill and defend inside. I still agree with the chance to get the plundered loots (but still hoping a higher chance of it). If feasible also a reward system is good for players with most kill inside or the winning team or the player with few deaths. lets make battlegrounds alive. soon War of Emperium will be more alive too. if you can think of a better way with this, this thread is open hoping for the best to RevivalRO. Thanks,
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    RDC Equipments

  4. Game Changer

    Skill ups

    Up this
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    I agree to this
  6. Game Changer

    WoE Times and you

    I really would like to suggest the old WOE times and castles open. For a guild to have a castle and do last minute breaking is the fun part there.
  7. Game Changer

    WoE Times and you

    I would like to suggest bring back the old schedule times and all castles schedule.
  8. Game Changer

    Gaming Specs

    up this
  9. Game Changer

    Mid Headgear gone

    Already did. Thank you
  10. Game Changer

    Mid Headgear gone

    I would like to report my missing mid headgear fallen wings I bought it last black friday
  11. Game Changer

    Gaming Specs

    I want to ask what minimum computer specs do you need to ensure no lag and good frame skip of RO also what maximum specifications you have for playing Ragnarok Thanks in advance to all gonna help me.