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  1. g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    I have already said but I love it! Thank you very very much
  2. Doram skill: Catnip Meteor locked up

    Sadly the player is correct... the skill was taken out because the past GM team had a very hard time trying to balance it. It was going to be "temporary" but the admin working on it quit and it has not been touched since.
  3. g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    All of your art is soo cute! If you are available after I would like to do another with two characters.. but I do not want to overwhelm you now and Happy Birthdayy!!
  4. la petit atelier

    Aahhh please tell how much they are! I can not see price for anything but signatures
  5. Black Friday Sale List

    Bat Wing Scarf and Marionette Strings from Halloween event... not sure if they are too new from the clone server to be here