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  1. Lilia

    Skill ups

    I also agree. Maybe not to all of listed skills, as some that are listed already have use like thunder storm, but most classes have only one set of "good" skills to have and there is no reason to choose others or build different strategy. But I think to change damage alone is too generic and maybe status effects can be added or changed a little to be more useful? Or if possible to change the effect of some skills to be more skill and less auto attack. For example LKs counterattack, maybe make it shorter with longer cool down, but can counter melee skills as well?
  2. Lilia

    la petit atelier

    They are all so cute! Thank you very much! 😁
  3. If you use the "old" website (rebirthro.com) to donate, you can use G2A as a option, which I think should work in Japan though I am not sure. That will allow you to use some other ways to fill your G2A Wallet like paypal, and then you can use that to donate.
  4. Lilia

    g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    I have already said but I love it! Thank you very very much
  5. Sadly the player is correct... the skill was taken out because the past GM team had a very hard time trying to balance it. It was going to be "temporary" but the admin working on it quit and it has not been touched since.
  6. Lilia

    g c q's Artshop Reloaded

    All of your art is soo cute! If you are available after I would like to do another with two characters.. but I do not want to overwhelm you now and Happy Birthdayy!!
  7. Lilia

    la petit atelier

    Aahhh please tell how much they are! I can not see price for anything but signatures
  8. Bat Wing Scarf and Marionette Strings from Halloween event... not sure if they are too new from the clone server to be here
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