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  1. Please leave a message for your offer and No Overprice please? Thank you. -Already got 1. Please closed this thread.
  2. You're right; those vendors that Overpricing the price of C are really a pain in the ass especially for newbies. When I started playing revival RO it's like 36m or something and in just 1 month not it's like 48-50m.
  3. Hello there! Just came back from the game and read some news about the RebirthRO. Upon reading through the news sadly the RebirthRO had some trouble; after taking a long break from playing this game, I finally decided to go back and noticed that there's a Limited PP that has an expiration/claiming dates. Is there any possibilities that somehow for us late comer that didn't know about this event get it? *PS* not quite sure if this is the right thread to post this, please bare with me. Happy gaming!
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