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    same thing happens to me including other problems This happened after the maintenance for 03-01-2018 I used the recommended installer
  2. So here's what happened. i open my patch, it loads and i click the "Start Game" Button. After i click it, the patch closes and displays two messages. First "System/rroiteminfo.lub:154070: unfinished string near ' <eof> ' " and there's an "OK" button which of course i click it but it displays another message saying Error on top and "ItemInfo file Init" inside the box. i click "OK" and nothing happens for a while so i start repatching and then the game loads out of nowhere. I logged in hoping everything was fine but all my items were either displayed as apples or just crossed marks. Then after a while the game closes down on me. What is the problem and what can i do to fix this?
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