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  1. Question, Is it one entry per account per prize, or an entry for each time you turn in playstation cards 1, 2 & 3 (ie for the donor set)? Since you can turn in cards multiple times as you accumulate more of them, i'm just wondering if it counts as an entry each time.
  2. Thanks for input, found a few suggestions I can do. Several tho were items that you need groups to get, and that's just not an option for me with how I am able to play. Thank you tho for suggestions.
  3. I'm wanting to know what are the best gears for playing highest possible solo PvM content? I have a 255 of every class, but have no idea what are best gears, and there's not really guides to explain that for custom servers. I've just been plowing thru using Angra/Ahura, but would like to push further into solo content (ie: new Dali instances) in areas where that's not usable. Plus I'm not sure even what class would be best - would prefer something fairly easy to play as I'm highly medicated most of the time due to physical reasons and my reflexes are no longer that of a cat. I have an okay amount of zeny, so nothing crazy in price, or from the cash shop. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! Gears I currently have: Weapon/Shield: Angra/Ahura Headgear: Baphohorn (+20stats, 4slot), Saiyan Tail (+15 stats, 1slot), Warrior Spirit (+25stats, 4slot) Armor: Alligator Cloak, Boots, Chest Accessory: Ring Des Nibelungen x2 (+5stats, 5% Atk/MAtk, 1slot) Cards: full set of headgear immunity cards (Chaos/Blind/Curse/Stun/Sleep/Bleeding), AK x4, most Shield damage reduction cards, Hillslion x4, Dark Penguicula/Duneyrr x4
  4. 1. Tomson says he can do up to 50 chocolates at a time, but if you ask for more than 1, you ONLY GET 1! And all your items are taken for the full # that you requested. After having to fight for the chance to get to a map to get the Love items before they're gone for that hour, this is a real kick in the pants and should at least be updated in the event thread.
  5. bought an item using LPP and realized it wasn't the one I intended to buy. Is there a way to return for another? Or am I stuck with it now?
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