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    map issue in thanatos tower

    Asteria im having the same problem; and yet i've installed with the full client.
  2. MantisHalen

    Identify NPC

    So; my suggestion that i have would be an NPC that would identify items in the players inventory for 50z. I have had some players say they are frustrated to Identify items one at a time with the magnifying glass in the Tool Dealer. For new players it can be frustrating having to find the Tool Dealer and buy Magnifying Glass's to identify items. This would make it easier for players without merchant classes and other classes identify loot they get! Let me know if this is a possibility! Thanks Mantis Halen aka Kensei Ma
  3. MantisHalen


    I noticed that the Baphomet card isn't on the Cash Shop? Is that supposed to happen?
  4. MantisHalen


    Ah; the only thing i had in my old account was the Angra and the Shield. So they will compensate me for that?
  5. MantisHalen


    Why is that may i ask? Whats going on today? An event or something? Currently waiting for my old characters to be deleted so i can use my Display name
  6. MantisHalen


    Hello Revival! I am returning to Ragnarok Online after a long Hiatus of not playing RO; been playing Rebirth for a long time; but heard that recently some issues happened. Which sucks cause my SG was gone. Oh Well though time for a new start! Just recently came back. If anyone has a nice guild looking for a old school player hit me up. Im quite friendly. Thanks! ~Mantis Halen~