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  1. was waiting to post again to test wednesday woe also , cause isnt good discute of things without try all: we arleady have wednesday and saturday , wednesday where there are 2 castles and we can fight and competitive as owning want.(and we did fight as i said so stop little provokations) istead saturday its competitive also cause we got 4 castles and guild compete for get castles more than fight. as th want and as its interess of others future guild , have chances to get castles. competition.. i will explain this with 1 simply example.. olympic games got only 1 race? no , both fights in wednesday and rush of castle(hoa) in saturday are competitions. we should talk about make woe better , but atm i think woe are cool as there are . the tip i can give its to wait and see cause prolly some others guild will try to appear soon. the sizes of woe atm are cool. about asians didnt show in woe ..the famous 80%.. we re talking of a server where its new and old players , where some donate and some other istead know to farm fast..atm only this two players are showing in woe. this server atm got 3/4 month? more or less.. u guys pretend newbies arleady play woe... give time to them to understand and learn. none start pro. regards.
  2. i dnt think so , this is cool atm , give some woe time first to say no action. quality over quantity .. lol so new players cant woe with this logic. "And I know someone special will argue against it with like "but we need more castles so newer guilds have chances against the old pros"" dear u know well what will simply happen , as happening in most of this woe everyone will join in 1 guild (yours prolly) and there will not be "action" again. better wait and give time.
  3. Hello , this is my lil opinion: The first test of Woe wasn’t good because: Days: Problem: There’s no guild leader I’ve met in all these years of playing that can handle 3 days of Woe. Some guilds might have a back up guild leader to replace them when they can’t Woe, but that just brings this trouble on all guilds. Tip: It’s much better if we had 2 days a week of Woe- This is what most guild leaders can handle. Castles: Problem: Like how it happened in the old server, having less amount of castles sux. Why? Not even a medium level player would want to join a new guild who has a 0% chance of being able to get a castle. This is my observation of the first test of Woe: There were 2 castles. Currently there are 2 large Woe guilds (OWN and TH) which have a chance of getting those castles. Each guild only has 36 spaces for members which in total only 72 people can Woe in OWN and TH. If the OWN and TH is full everyone else has to join the smaller membered guilds. So what’s the trouble with that? Smaller membered guilds will have very little chance of being able to compete for 2 castles against larger membered guilds. (Obviously) So in the end what’s the point of Woe for them when only 2 guilds can get the 2 castles and they can’t? Tips: Atm I would say the best number would be around 4-5 castles (I think 5 more) Some argue that having more castles means there will be less battling, but that’s not true because no guild will hide/hostage in a castle for the 2 whole hours, so there will be enough battling. Timing: Problem: The 3 Woe times were only good for Asian players and not for USA/Euro players and if that wasn’t bad enough even the Asian players I heard, didn’t like the time either. 21-23pm some people have school and for some it’s quite late. I think it’s important to watch the current gaming of your server: There are 2 large guilds that currently Woe at this point; The Hunters (Is a mix of Euro/USA players) Owning (Is mostly made up of Asian players) 9/11 pm server time is 2/4 pm in Europe time (make woe 1 and 2 withthis timing its bad anycase) And its night/early morning for USA players Tips: We can go back to the old REAL Woe timings (As most people could join) I understand that since the server is mostly Asian, we should cater to their timing more. So a nicer time would be: (without excluding the lesser population from Euro/USA) 7-9 am/pm server time Which is 12-2 am/pm Europe time and 6-8 am/pm in USA time with 2 Woe and 2 days of Woe within a week. (I know this is not the best timing but at least its better than what the first test run was) Regards , Perdono
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