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  1. I'll make it simple so dumbfucks can understand. Give compensation to players who contributed to the old stolen server but didnt get donor levels. Give them a "thank you" for the support as they are also the players that keep this game alive. All I see from where I stand is that the "non-donor-leveled" accounts are given a big middle finger and a king "fuck you" for playing without any compensation. I mean, some people have lots of shit in old rro that could amount more than what you think and thus helped economy and other dumb shit that kept the server alive. The same people who will potentially buy creds in the near future. And yes I am one of those people. I am highly disappointed as to how we are treated upon coming to play on the re-launched rro. How is this shit no different from what Ancy has pulled in the past? Give me a reason not to write a bad review and a reason to believe in your system and continue my support. If not I'll just pack my bags and leave, taking whatever I dignity I have with me as a player who was with the system for far too long. tl;dr im disappointed with your new system.
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