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  1. Skyfire

    WIKI update

    I would like to suggest or recommend the updating of our WIKI to the latest updates on quest, scripts, guides and item list. Sincerely yours RevivalRO player
  2. Skyfire


    Is there any chance that there will be an event item costume maker for a price of event point coins, example is like 5 event point coins in exchange for an event item costume like the Bunny Balloon Hat. Hope this can be possible Regards,
  3. Kiel is slotted in footgear to balance the after-cast delay of skills. to maximize your damage it is advisable to have alligator set without hat then drooping amistr and a 30 stat wing. or alligset with hat then 30 stat helm den music ring. that is for normal melee damage. but if you want to use skills. ascendant orc or ring cards (icering, cowring, sapling etc) with ebony or valk shoes + gds + great old hauberk with recon+ifrits/implosion is great. overall damage + tank + hp you can get from the great old set. interms of critical attacks the Grevolver exceeds the HSshotgun but in pvp woe HS shotgun is used in full buster and spread attack. revolvers are used in disarm and desperado. the reason why the revolver exceeds the HS shotgun is due to the HSshotgun already ignores the defense of the enemy. If you want to focus on critical build it would be better to use alligset w/o hat + drooping + 30 stat wing +15 stat lower/red tie + goblin revolver hope this sets help you.
  4. Hi Kittyboy, I also have friends who are based on EU and America and they are just lazy to go online due to lags on their area/country. It would help the people join and endorse the server to their friends. Thanks,
  5. Just be persistent in farming and soon it will be rewarded with good BG or War of Emperium actions
  6. Hi, I would like to suggest if feasible that you can buy a plundered loot (aside from the random drops) for a certain amount of points like touhou box. This would also benefit the people who will participate in battlegrounds and eventually in woe because they could acquire their items thanks,
  7. haha. you can still build your GS. I will be looking forward to that time you completed your gear and you are welcome to join my guild but as primary farmer use sniper it will help you a lot.
  8. yes that is true. the most basic job for farming and questing is sniper. crit build can help. sniper works best in alligator in farming unless you deal with strong enemies which requires additional items. Nevertheless continue the gunslinger but focus more in sniper in hunting gears.
  9. Red tie is best if you have full gears. if you are lacking go for the balloon instead.
  10. Skyfire

    Skill ups

    I would like to suggest if feasible, that maybe we could increase a little bit the damage modifier or an additional effect for some skills that are forgotten or rarely used to turn the tides in pvp and woe. example of this is the two handed skills like parry, counter, head crush, joint beat, spear stab of LK, intimidate, backstab, of stalkers, Throwing and slash skills of ninja, mammonite skill of BS, soulstrike, thunderstorm, sighttrasher of Wiz, blitz beat, mines and traps of sniper, envenom, throw knife and other poison skills such as venom splasher of sinx, Holy cross, grand cross, shield charge of paladins, throw spirit sphere also if it can be possible to bring back the graphics during asura like what chen do in bio4. I hope some of this will happen in the future. Regards
  11. Hi I would like to report some premium items are still tradeable to NPC. I hope it will be fix to ensure no reports of missing premiums are filed. thank you. Ill post the picture once Im online.
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