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  1. Condensed White Potions Question

    @Owl Thanks, Haven't played in a while so I wasn't sure what was going on with them.
  2. [Tentatively Approved] Mail Weight Increase

    I was trying to mail some potions but couldn't send more than 10 at a time due weight limit Maybe increase it so you can send ~5000 weight at a time?
  3. Condensed White Potions Question

    I noticed in the Item description for Condensed Whites the Weight says 2 but they actually weigh 5 I didn't see anything about weight change on the wiki so I was wondering if they were functioning correctly?
  4. Old Limited Premium Items

    Thank you Asteria that is what I was wondering about.
  5. Old Limited Premium Items

    @Syphon, No sorry I'm not talking about Donor Comp. I'm talking about things such as the Falling Rose Petals that were only sold during the Valentines Event in 2016, I was wondering if they were going to be added to the shop to buy again.
  6. Old Limited Premium Items

    There was a sale for them? When?
  7. Looking for English Guild

    Hi, Just started/returned here yesterday, I have a 255 Creator and I'm planning on going for a ranked alchemist, not really looking to WoE that much just be social and more than happy to help supply potions when I can IGN: Celestial Snow
  8. Old Limited Premium Items

    Hi I'm returning to RRO after seeing that Ancy is gone (hated that guy also the reason I quit) I was wondering are the old limited premium items going to be obtainable again with the new server or are they just lost to time?