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  1. There is no infection of corruption on this new RevivalRO the infection of corruption was on RebirthRO, and from what I understand that infection of corruption on RebirthRO tampered with all the character data so they were unable to recover it for this server.
  2. Note that these are my personal opinions please feel to contribute your own opinions, agree or disagree, but give constructive feedback too 1. To easy to obtain MvP cards - With all the new MvP rooms the cards have basically become worthless making things like Bloody Card Albums worthless it too, While I think the MvP rooms are a good idea something should be done to make the cards less powerful and more a Beginner MvP card set A solution I would suggest is to nerf all the current MvP cards from the MvP rooms and change the MvPs on the maps to a different name such as 'Altered Thanatos' and have it drop an Altered Thanatos card which would just be the normal card stats then have the BCA's give you these cards thus making them valuable again and making it worth farming outside the MvP rooms. 2. Community - There is just nothing to bring the community together, there is a lack of events no main town to hang out in, staff rarely talks to the community and no real perks on being in a guild Solutions I can think of Make a Custom Map main town with Npcs you can only find there that could let players host simple events for the cost of 1c or 50m such as spawning a bunch of useful monsters that drop items that are used for crafting and quests, also have it be invaded every 4 hours or so by an Overpowered MvP that takes a bunch of people to take down then when its dead it could give out points for something Like the Satan Morroc invasion of Morroc, make it worth being there so everyone isnt so spread out across the whole server during non WoE times Have SCHEDULED Q&A sessions with a member of the staff every week so people can go talk to a staff member feel like their opinions and complaints are being heard and you guys can tell us new things you are planning for the server and our opinions about it. People like to speak their mind even if it does nothing at least they know they are being heard 3. PvP - Its imbalanced see my other post Improving the Lesser played Classes 4. WoE - First of there aren't enough castles for the amount of players on I get that they are limited due the server smaller population but they are way to limited and its just a cluster **** of 100 players trying to take the same castle, people who only enjoy WoE will quit because at this rate there's only going to be 2 main guilds that have all the castles and if you don't get into one then you are SoL there needs to be more castles so smaller guilds have a chance at getting one of course the big guilds will still do better but at least you can have a small guild and still get a castle Solutions - Open more castles Make it more rewarding to stay in the same guild Add custom items to craft custom gear or items into the castle chest drops Add barrier crystals that have to be destroyed before you can attack the Emp so its not a straight line rush for the Emp bringing more strategy to WoE For those who haven't played on a legit Ragnarok server the ways guilds operated on there was you get paid for the amount of castles you have by your guild master every WoE since they are the only ones who receive the castle loot so if these chests are dropping good custom items that only the GL can get then they would need to start paying their guild members who WoE making it worth it to WoE for newer players since they get something out of it other than being murdered in one shot 5. New players not getting to see custom content - Custom content is something that keeps server hoppers around but on this server it is very difficult to get geared for it ( for new players ) Solution Have easy versions of everything that you could use useless items to obtain points for like adding another NPC next to Marvin who wants Jellopy and Fluff For artistry and crafting have the NPC's suggest monsters and maps to farm to get the supplies they need to make the gear Give new players temporary weak stat headgears Such as 2 slot +15 stats Upper and Mid and a +5 stat lower and then give them the option to go to an NPC and upgrade them to permanent for something like 10c that will encourage them to donate because they aren't going to want to lose those stats and give them a taste of the better 4 slot + 30 stat headgears 6. No easy way to trade large amounts of items Things like Ranked potions are annoying to trade and make because of weight limits its also difficult to buy other items like Elu in bulk Solution - Have a map where you have infinite weight or a custom novice class that has infinite weight for trading purposes since the item limit is capped at 30k anyway there's no harm in having something like this the worst thing it could be used for is easy storage space. Thanks for Reading -Celestial
  3. I like your idea with the AD bottles Ill answer your last question with another question Whats the point of having 18 classes if everyone's mostly maining the same 3-4? They should have the same potential but be used in different ways, it brings more diversity to the game.
  4. I don't think you can do duets with a soul link can you you just get different songs? Classical Punk/Loki's Veil is an extremely powerful Duet skill for guild castle defense that I never see put to use here. Hmm Professors were meant to be the PvP class of mages as defensive mobile casters or combat mages (Professors can walk while casting and cast while attacking), since everyone gets instant cast here their purpose is defeated, such as in renewal where instant cast is obtainable they gave Sorcerers powerful AoE CC make up for the difference, Since warlocks were meant to be a Powerful PvE class you cannot reduce their cast times at all to maintain the balance. Prof is only meant to be supportive for PvE But that's for the official servers anyway. Instant Cast makes wizards very powerful thats why they're so strong here. Well I wasn't getting at making the bottles cheaper AD is a little over powered, I was thinking something more along the lines of cheaper alternatives that make them more easily PvP viable Profs do have extremely powerful 1v1 potential but you have to land Mind Breaker and hope for Double Casts to proc compared to something like a SinX where you just EDP and win Yes Bard and Dancers are meant to be supportive but they have Duet skills that they can only use while next to each other that are extremely useful So what is a Bard without a Dancer? Well you need pots yes but wouldn't it be nice not to have to wait to use the same skill over and over again.
  5. It might just be my imagination but to me it seems like everyone on the server either mains a SinX, High Wizard, or Sniper I guess there's a few Stalkers too Mostly because these classes have such a higher Farm/PvP potential than the other classes. The issue stems from things like: Creators AD being expensive but your only real PvP option Professors having no AoE or powerful skills Bards not having Dancers Champs what do you do after Asura Maybe adding sets that give access to the weaker T3 to help make up for some weaknesses and sets that let Bards and Dancers use duet skills without a partner could help add a more variety of classes to the server other than seeing the same classes and strategies from every guild every WoE. -Celestial
  6. This is my personal opinion but it doesn't seem like there is as much of a community on the server as there used to be. One issue is probably there's not enough events going on for, the lets call them town sitters, things like GM events give us the option to something other than farm and lets us socialize. Which is fun and when people are having fun they come back, when they aren't they don't. People like to show off their stuff and make new friends so.... I suggest having some sort of set schedule for events to help bring the community together. and more open discussions with GMs to gather peoples opinions which could simply be "Hey everyone were gathering here at @go (insert number here) to discuss everyone's opinion on (insert aspect of server here) please come join the discussion to help us improve the server!" but you know have set times so everyone has a chance to join in. -Celestial
  7. Characters are still on the website page they probably just need to reboot the server to fix it.
  8. I have the same issue hopefully gets fixed soon
  9. @Owl Thanks, Haven't played in a while so I wasn't sure what was going on with them.
  10. I was trying to mail some potions but couldn't send more than 10 at a time due weight limit Maybe increase it so you can send ~5000 weight at a time?
  11. I noticed in the Item description for Condensed Whites the Weight says 2 but they actually weigh 5 I didn't see anything about weight change on the wiki so I was wondering if they were functioning correctly?
  12. Thank you Asteria that is what I was wondering about.
  13. @Syphon, No sorry I'm not talking about Donor Comp. I'm talking about things such as the Falling Rose Petals that were only sold during the Valentines Event in 2016, I was wondering if they were going to be added to the shop to buy again.
  14. Hi, Just started/returned here yesterday, I have a 255 Creator and I'm planning on going for a ranked alchemist, not really looking to WoE that much just be social and more than happy to help supply potions when I can IGN: Celestial Snow
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