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  1. Pls enable the maya effect on andro,,even if i have improve diamond dust ,i cant see cloaking or hiding players ,,and also pls sort the enventory or kafra from A-Z name its hard to search items specially the cards TT BTW: ty for improving andro specially the cashop problem,the humo problems,and also the fcp problem
  2. Thank your for updating andro GM @Syphonwe are looking forward for more updates @Shan_Chachi Some times when sime one buying cards and its hard to find in kafra ,,when i go to the place we will deal ,,he sorry i have the card now </3 Its ok to have sort button in kafra or just default sort from A-z to easly find items specially the card
  3. Full chechal protection is a must, Pls fix it thanks
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