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  1. Hello Ohh, Sori ef my Inglish is too good. I am eww heir. Putting jokes aside. First, I have something important to tell you, Syphon. I read your email and I know that you really love me. I almost cried for a whole day about it but I am very sorry that I cannot accept your love. However, I do love your old server and that is something which I really missed, big time. As a matter of fact, I think I was married to your old server all the way back to 2010. Well, I ditched Ancyker's shithole server since he took over almost 2 years ago (sorry I am not racist at all, I am probably the least racist person you will ever talk to; but that server is really a shithole). I am more than happy to come back and support this new server you are relaunching with your dearly beloved team, but the problem is that .... when I first started playing I was in the school and I have nothing better to do so I played everyday. You know, farming, PvP'ing, talking nonsense with jerk friends and such. I made a lot, also lost a of friends here (definitely not because i am racist but probably because I am a jerk), and I have definitely farmed shit tons of stuffs during those years. Now that I am working, I don't have the time to go through the same fun again as I don't have the luxury of time to spent like I used to be when I was a baby resting in my mum's pouch. Is there really no way to partially recover the accounts at all? I don't mind if they are very outdated, like even if the last restoration was 2014 or so, it still works for me. Oh boy, I don't really want to start from scratch and kill poring, fabre or little ants again bruh. What should I do? best wishes,
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