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  1. So, i just leave my video here so everyone can see as well . and up to them to decide , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9RWHmD2SP8&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIZo1mVqdQw&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Z8U6Q4q-Q&feature=youtu.be
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    Maybe for those who just started Revival ro can read this .. Some Guide, how to get a good equipment . Well . Its actually wasn't that really hard to get some good equipment,especially Cedi Equipment . Its just you need some extra Afford for Upper[4] Middle[4] And Lower [1]. In total 50 c or Less, its Depend if There is Sales going on . Cedi Equipment is Actually Cheap . You can get it bulk and more cheaper . Antiq shield 5m ea . Ebony is 20m ea . Calig Also 20m ea. So try to get at least 10 to 15 pieces every single part and refine it using EE . Which you can get it easily by Vote Point Which i always do . Mine got another 3k Vote Point left . Then try to get V.vest and Hauberk for Armour . This might be a bit difficult because, a bit more expensive than the other in around 40m ea for V.vest or 50m ea for Hauberk. As optional Shield is, VigiShield, 25m each for VigiShield. by doing these, if you could collect at least 15 equipment and start to use EE from +4 or +5 . if you are lucky enough u might can get up to +9, or if you re bad in luck maybe you can get +7 or 8. make sure to pump up dex and luk before you do refine, and also some food and equipment that boost up you dex and luk as well. If needed , you can get some orb to put inside as well . Red orb are cheap . Some good orb such as Sdef10,Int3,Str3,Neutral2,Dex2, depend on what character you re using . And if you doesn't have extra budget to get the White orb, You Can just Put Blue ORB as optional for temporarily, once you have extra budget for White Orbs . White ORB that good for Ebony Such As Dmotion5( Cheap 1c or 2 c ). Speed2( Cheap 1c or 2c ).Delay5( Very Rare and Expensive At least 10c ) for Calig is Levade5( Cheap 2 or 3 c ea) . Lresist5(Commonly and a bit expensive in around 5c ).V.vest ORB Wskill5( Around 3c ) Normal5( Shitty Expensive Around 25-35c ). For VigiShield White ORB you may put Normal5( Again Shitty Expensive Around 25-30c ) Coma ( Which is my Favorite Around 2or 3c ) And Nresist5 ( Around 2c or 3c ) And if you are Playing Paladin like me, you can just farm HH ( healer hat ) From Hoa and Refine it . Which you already Save like 20c for Upper . Well if Any of You ( New in This Server ) Need Some Guide on These, Don't be Shy to PM Me , if i am Available . Mainly on my SG, ( Starburst or My Paladin for WOE, Lekiu ) .
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    Hi Everyone

    hi.. Go Morroc for Malaysia Community . Looking for Gay Suki for Free Kote . KEKEKE Selamat Datang
  4. I still Request for My Sunflower Wings ! Thanks
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