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Found 2 results

  1. --insert fancy picture here, one day-- Bio Lab 4 (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Biolabs_F4), also known as Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 can be accessed over the 3rd floor of the Lighthalzen Dungeon. It is only accessable when the questline around "The boy who cried Wolfchev" is successfully finished. It will remain open for one month, after that the "Breaking the Seal" quest needs to be repeated again. Monsters Similar to the other floors of the Lighthalzen Dungeon, Bio Lab 4 contains strong player-like monsters. All of which have different attributes. Also similar to the Bio Lab 3; the fourth floor contains 7 different MVP, were only one randomly will spawn. Paladin Randel - Holy Lv.3 (Weak against Shadow) Creator Flamel - Fire Lv. 3 (Weak against Water) Professor Celia - Ghost Lv. 3 (Weak against Ghost) Champion Chen - Water Lv. 4 (Weak against Wind) * Stalker Gertie - Poison Lv. 4 (Weak against Holy) * Clown Alphoccio & Gypsy Trentini - Wind Lv. 3 (Weak against Earth) * Note: Chen and Gertie are the only "Demon" race monsters in the dungeon, meaning they do can detect the player while cloaking. Farming Bio Lab 4 Soul Linker Soul Linker have a great advantage in farming Bio Lab 4 due to their access to 7 Elements (Warm Wind). Combined with their abilty to keep useful buffs active (Kaupe, Kaizel), they can constantly keep dish out damage without taking much. They are capable of soloing the Bio Lab 4 MVPs without a tank, if they are geared enough. They also can reach higher DPS then SinX, expect VS Paladin Randel. Advantages: - good DPS - good buffs with Kaupe and Kaizel - natural Element coverage Disadvantages: - Movement speed (Leap and High Jump are disabled) - no AoE damage, relies on targeting the right monster (especially VS MVPs) - High SP usage, so a high Blue Potion consume Skills: Most Important ones: Warm Wind (1-7), Kaupe, Kaizel, Estun, Esma Gears: - Upper Headgear: Typical magic upper (Dark Wizard Hat, etc)/ RDC hat: 3x Vespers + Rata - Middle Headgear: Typical wings/middle gear: Orc Hero, Evil Snake Lord + 2x Rata - Lower Headgear: Any: High Wizard (P) - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Weapon: Any (Example: Fable's Rod, or any good MATK Rod) - Shield: Any: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Great Old Cloak - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): Fallen Bishop - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Rings (to save SP, Optional: SPGain Orb), or anything that increases MATK. Have 1 slot with Horong Card for Gerties. Gameplay: Estun, Esma spam to kill monsters 1 on 1 (since you got no AOE, try avoid gettin' mobbed too much). Make sure Kaupe is up so you won't die to Asura Strike from Chen. Memorize the elemental weakness of mobs and you can kill anything you want in bio4. ------------------------------------------------------------- Assassin Cross Assassin Cross have lower DPS compared to Soul Linkers in Bio Lab 4, but can deal AOE damage. Further they got a better mobility with Backsliding and Cloak, which let them easily find MVPs. In this build their DPS is lower, in order to survive the Asura Strike from Chen. Advantages: - high Mobility - AOE damage Disadvantages: - lower DPS, relies heavily on splash status - relies on Converters to cover up all Elements Gears: - Upper Headgear: Drooping Amistr - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - 2x Gemini - Lower Headgear: Red Tie: Orc Hero - Armor: Great Old Hauberk - Mainhand: Sir Vincent Saber: 2x Sniper (P), Valkyrie Randgris - Offhand: Perun Axe: Lord of Death, 2x Lora - Garment: Antique Garment/Nidhoggs Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Anti Knock Back shoes (+10 Elvira Boots/Bronze Greaves/Antique Shoes): General Engigem Cenia - Accessory: 2x Meginjards (or 2x Recondite Rings with "Neutral2" Orbs) - Optional: Poring GM Pet Gameplay: This build lets you not need to worry about Chen's Asura as you can get up to 99% Resist to Neutral. You will also have aoe statuses that will prevent most mobs from casting anything once they are near you due to stun and silence. You will be able to kill mvps - although you might die a few times due to professor's bolts or paladin's grand cross. (Unless you berry quick enough). Much faster for farming normal monsters, terrible at killing MVPs. ------------------------------------------------------------- Stalker (for luring) Stalker can use a similar tankier set as SinX. They are perfect scouts due to their high movement speed, if they are linked. Gears: - Upper Headgear: Any (Tenishi ring for more hdef?) - Middle Headgear: Little Devil Wings - Lower Headgear: +5% Elemental resist lower: 4 leaf clover, fuzzy bunny scarf, etc - Armor: Varigated Vest (Neutral2): Argiope - Shield: +10 Immune Shield: Golden Thiefbug - Garment: Nighogg Shadow Garb: Deviling - Shoes: Ebony Greaves (Neutral2): Moonlight Flower - Accessory: 2x Resplendent Ring/Recondite Ring (Neutral2) Credits mainly to gei Tono for sharing. :3
  2. <----- The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev -----> 1.) Talk to Warpra/Kafra Warp > Dungeon > Bio Laboratory > Sewage Tunnel Entrance > Exit to the Right 2.) Arrived at Slums Area, Walk lower left till you see Jameson (297 287). ScreenShot 3.) Talk to Jameson. He will ask you if you heard him and choose "Yes I am". He will then ask you how much did you hear: answer "Everything". He will then tell you that he is looking for Dr. Wolfchev and that his information led him to the Lighthalzen Slums. Then he will ask you to help him by asking around the slums. 4.) Look for any of the following NPCs around the slums area: Note: You need 100 zeny to pay the NPC Davide - Type /navi lhz_cube 315/239 ScreenShot Ronan - Type /navi lhz_cube 327/225 ScreenShot Melinda - Type /navi lhz_cube 352/303 ScreenShot 5.) Ask those NPC if they saw Dr. Wolfchev and bribe them with 100 zeny. 6.) After receiving the information from Davide, Ronan and Melinda. Type @go 20 or @go light. 7.) You will arrived in Lighthalzen. Type /navi lighthalzen 85/302. And mouse over the ground till you see a bubble "???". ScreenShot 8.) Talk to the "???" and return to the Slum Area and Talk to Jameson. He will now tell you to Visit him at his office. 9.) Type @go 20 or @go light and /navi lighthalzen 106/245. Enter the Rekenber HQ. ScreenShot 10.) Inside Rekenber HQ. Type /navi lhz_in01 88/213, enter the portal and then /navi lhz_in01 113/49. You will now see Jameson. 11.) Talk to Jameson. He will thank you for your help and ask you to talk to his colleagues. <----- Breaking of the Seal -----> 1.) Talk to Paige just near Jameson. 2.) She will ask you to collect the 4 Sealing Runes in Juperos Ruins 1, Glastheim Castle 2, Odin Temple 2 and Shrine Sacred Precinct 3. Note: Make sure your /effect is on before you go looking for the Sealing Rune. 3.) Use Warpra/Kafra to warp into those 4 locations. Sealing Rune location in map changes every 4 hrs. You need to collect all 4 Sealing Runes. Juperos Ruins - Warpra > Dungeon > Juperos > Juperos Ruins 1 Glastheim Castle - Warpra > Dungeon > Glastheim > Glastheim Castle Level 2 Odin Temple - Warpra > Dungeon > Odin Shrine > Level 2 Shrine Sacred Precincts - Warpra > Dungeon > Shrine Sacred Precincts > Level 3 4.) Roam around this 4 Maps till you notice a sparkly Aura that envelops you, which means the Sealing Rune is near. Mouse over the ground till you see "Sealing Rune". ScreenShot Note: Use characters that can Run fast or has Teleport. 5.) After collecting all 4 Sealing Runes, retrun to Paige. She will then give you 4 Seal Shrine Location to put those Sealing Runes. List of Seal Shrines: Amatsu Dungeon 3 - /navi ama_dun03 180/49 Anthell Dungeon 2 - /navi anthell02 208/112 Geffen Field 10 - Warpra > Dungeon > Orc Dungeon 1 > Exit Portal > Exit Bldg > /navi gef_fild10 131/121 Glastheim Churchyard - Warpra > Dungeon > Glastheim > Churchyard > /navi gl_chyard 148/151 Hidden Dungeon/Maze 3 - /navi prt_maze03 179/177 Payon Dungeon 5 - /navi pay_dun04 121/111 Pyramid Dungeon 4 - /navi moc_pryd04 101/184 Niflheim - @go 13. /navi niflheim 87/85 Sphinx Dungeon 5 - /navi in_sphinx5 95/135 Turtle Palace/Dungeon 3 - /navi tur_dun04 99/86 West Orc Village - Warpra > Dungeon > Orc Dungeon 1 > Exit Portal > Exit Bldg > /navi gef_fild10 27/218 > /navi gef_fild14 66/77 Sograt Desert - @go 1 > /navi morrocc 160/18 > /navi moc_fild12 118/30 > /navi moc_fild18 380/305 > /navi moc_fild17 219/311 Mt. Mjolnir - @go 6 > /navi aldebaran 138/35 > /navi mjolnir_12 220/27 > /navi mjolnir_05 16/171 > /navi mjolnir_04 178/195 Payon Forest - @go 36 > /navi payon 122/30 > /navi pay_fild01 353/17 > /navi pay_fild02 18/175 > /navi pay_fild11 165/235 For @jump users Breaking The Seal.txt 6.) P aige will pick 4 location randomly from those list. Then you visit those location and put the Sealing Rune. ScreenShot 7.) After placing all 4 Seal Runes into Seal Shrines, go back to Paige. She will the tell you to talk to Jameson. 8.) Talk to Jameson. He will thank you for your help and ask you to visit the Chief Constable. 9.) Type @go 20 then /navi lighthalzen 234/276, etner the bldg and you will find Chief Constable and Constable. Chief Constable is the one who accepts Donation. Either Credits or Zeny. And then you will gain points which you can use to buy Antique Gears at the Rekenber HQ Steward NPC. (Chief Constable will only accept Donation when Bio Laboratory 4 is Open) Constable Nobber is to check if the donation period is full. 10.) You can go back to Paige to repeat Breaking of the Seal to help the community finish 50 times Breaking of the Seal Quest. Once the quest hits 50 times, Bio Laboratory 4 will Open. And Chief Constable will start accepting Donation. 500 Premium Points / 5c = 1 Antique 500,000,000 Zeny = 1 Antique You can only have 1 of each piece. A full set Antique will cost 25c or 2500 premium points or 2,500,000,000 Zeny. 11.) To purchase Antique, Head back to Rekenber HQ, where Paige is. Look for Steward NPC. Possible effect of Antiques https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Antique
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