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  1. Hi. I would just like to suggest on some matters. Please do keep in mind that I haven't check every single thread out there so I don't know whether this was already suggested or not. I just want to write this down as I have been trying to think of ways which could improve and help the server become more enjoyable. First things first. BCA (Bloody Card Album), a reward from completing cedi has its value totally plummeted to 1c last time I check buying price of players. Was it because of the cards that dropped from it? Maybe, maybe not. Let's take a good look at what are the cards that could drop down from this: Teddy Baal Card RSX 3.14 Nidhoggur Shadow Card (?) Naght Sieger Card (?) Yuki Card Jolie Card Kiel Card MVP Room cards and those MVP that can be found in dungeon maps Honestly, I believe it's really tempting to open BCA just to get that Teddy Baal Card. However, since the chances are very low, risking so many BCA's might not be a good idea. 1C per BCA is still creds after all. Another thing aside from the aforementioned situation, it is somewhat easy, I believe, to gather cedi points. I personally own 5 accounts (all of which I can use to run cedi) which I can use to accumulate points per month (if I wish to do so) by just using all of them every day for 2 hours. However, I don't really run cedi that much (laziness aside) due to thinking as well that the rewards per tier could be more or less better than BCA (let's say for example GO set). Hence, I would like to suggest the following in hopes that this could spice up and improve the gaming experience of everyone: for Cedi rewards - let there be 4 types of card album rewards that would be randomly given every complete cedi set run. Perhaps these 4 types could be a) regular BCA (with 70% more chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished) b) BCA IPBC edition which drops the cards of MVPs from itty bitty poring city (with 15% chance of being obtained ) c) BCA Hall of Abyss edition (with 10% chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished) and d) BCA Biolabs edition which contains all the MVP cards from Bio basement and Bio 3 (with 5% chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished). for daily reward after 2 hours of being online - perhaps instead of giving the players a randomly generated number of cedi points on a certain day (24/31), maybe a random number of wares (from 1 to 8 pcs) from tier D shall be given. No ware shall exceed 8 from tier D and no wares from other tiers. for Marvin card - I wonder if it would be possible for the card asked for to be changed every hour instead of 2 hours. The reason behind is that there are so many cards from OCA, MCA, and BCA altogether and sometimes the same card gets to be asked for by Marvin twice in a week or so. for other cards - I hope that some cards which aren't being asked for by Marvin get called too (i.e. indicolite, onyx, implosion, wakwak, miming etc.), and as for those cards that are non-existent be removed (i.e. cards from renewal such as dark priest etc) Those are all the things I would like to suggest for the improvement of the cedi MVP system. I would love to see what new things the admins and GMs will put up regardless whether or not these suggestions of mine would be considered or no. I just hope everyone else gets to enjoy playing. 😊
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