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Found 4 results

  1. suggestion 1: make baby and 3rd job (not alternate) costumes which can be placed in costume slots instead of using magic baby or magic third suggestion 2: blank costume for upper, mid, lower headgears for those who simply want to hide their headgears without adding more to their look
  2. Hi everyone! I hope you all doing well. I love this game so so so much. But I’m pretty new here, I seen a lot of player have different costume. Some looks good some look creepy haha. I was wondering how can I create those costume? I need some guide. I don’t mind if it’s need to donate. I need some guide, so I can have a better look. Also, I see some of them have a 3rd job look, how can I do that? Please guide me, or if there is a link please reply below. Much appreciated guys!! thanksss!! please reply!!!
  3. Hi, i wonder that... can all costume put on costume tab?? for me, its more easier to find... thanks...
  4. Hi there! Is there a way to turn headgear you farm for into costumes? Thanks!
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