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Found 3 results

  1. suggestion 1: make baby and 3rd job (not alternate) costumes which can be placed in costume slots instead of using magic baby or magic third suggestion 2: blank costume for upper, mid, lower headgears for those who simply want to hide their headgears without adding more to their look
  2. Since the topic just came up and it always bothered me, ... lets talk about the amazing feature of making costumes. For those who don't know; you can make any gear costume in prontera: the downside is tho it cost you 10c. I know it's seen as a "coin sink" but I also want to put it in a relation here. Let's say you really like the Poo Hat. That's basically a free gear. Now you want to costume that. let's assume a coin priceof 85m. That me and you need 850m (if you buy and not donate... donate be even more ridiculous 10€) just to make that a costume with no other benefit then make you look sexy. I know it's a sink. My point is tho, you can't assume everyone has a fortune. I'm pretty sure 90% of the players are more "newbie"ish, therefore that feature is totally locked from them since they better off focus on important stuff. My suggestion: Make the costumer Tier like l. You still can keep it as sink but it's in a realistic relation. Tier 1: Normal Headgears, things Monster drop, Quest gears, NPC sold - 1c Tier 2: Event headgears - 5c Tier 3: Donate shop headgears, Amberknight, Donor box - 10c Kthxbai.
  3. Selling:- Weapons:- 1) 10+ Aztoe Nail c/o 240c Armours:- 2)10+Vvest c/o 60c[Sold] 3)10+Aebecee's'Raging Typhoon Armor[1] [Sold] 1more left in stock mail me Costumes:- 1)Costume:Panda Hood Box-15mill[Sold] 2)Costume:Purified Wings Box-15mill[Sold] 3)Costume:Priest Doll Box-10mill[Sold] 4)Costume:Fire Works Box-20mill 5)Costume:Arc Angeling Rucksack Box-10mill[Sold] 6)Costume:Black Blinker Box-15mill[Sold] 7)Costume:Snow Cap Box-30mill[Sold] 8)Costume:Meteor Storm(Red)Permanent-10c[Sold] Premium Points:- 50mill each[Out of Stock] Buying: 1)10+Gator Set-1c each piece.[Brought] 2)A Costume Which looks like this[Brought] 3)10+Kontei[2] 5c Mail IGN @Tommy
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