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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone! 😊 Here is probably another matter we might want to discuss for improvement - the autotrade. Most of us players are aware of the autotrade coupon in cash shop and how important it is for those who wish to sell their stuffs even if they aren't online. Some of the things I would like to suggest about this are as follows: Please put a limit/number of days for the autotrade coupon's effect. Whether the owner/player of the autotrade vendor logs in or not, the limit should be applied (i.e. 14 days only). Maybe you guys will ask why. Here's the rationale behind it: let's say for example you are a level 10 donor with autotrade command, where as another player is only on autotrade coupon but, both of you have the ability to vend for 30 days without logging in. I wonder if that would be fair. Regardless, whether the level 10 donor can log in and return to vend, still the duration of 30 days without logging in and the vend is still up is kind of like hmmmmm.... same(?) as both players opted to not log in. In this circumstance maybe some will argue that when the server restarts, then both will be logged out. The level 10 donor can just autovend again. YES. But the one with autotrade coupon can also do so. I hope I get my point clear. Please make the autotrade coupon available in Item Dealer NPC or perhaps another NPC which we players can buy for 100m (I think this price is just fair). This is for those who don't have creds on their hands or maybe they don't want to use their creds but they want to get rid of their zeny. Even if the price is doubled, making it available in terms of zeny can also be a good way of zeny sink. Let's have a weekly or monthly clearing of vendors. What for? So people would restock and there will be something new to see for other players who visit payon/pront to buy stuff. Let's admit it, some of those vends are from way back~~~ so old on vend they can already be classified as antiques as no one is buying them. This way, players will also be kind of "renewing their lease" with their autotrade. These are the things that I have thought of about this autotrade function. I just hope that these could help improve the over-all game play of all the players. Anyways, ciao~~~
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