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Found 2 results

  1. Hello.. A few questions needed to be answer please.. 1. Does 2 Pancaring cards + Pancaring pet effect stack? 2. What is the drop rate percentage of each Pancaring card and pet? 3. What do I get for every 10/50 euros?
  2. As alot of people have been asking how to donate via Paypal here's a guide for y'all nublets. You'd have to use G2A to donate via PayPal . You have to add the amount you are going to donate to ur G2A wallet first . Step 1: Making a G2A acc Open G2A website and create a Acc by following the below steps You'll get a verification email , complete the verification . Once you're done verification you should come to page looking something like this: Step 2 : Adding money using PayPal/desired payment option . Click "Add Funds" option Select how much you plan on donating . you might have even more options to add money since G2A offers different payment methods in different countries , selected the preferred payment option login into PayPal and do ur thing :v you'll be charged 0.45Euro per transaction , to compensate with this they're providing bonus credits on each donation Step 3 : Login your RevivalRO Account . Click buy points Select G2A Wallet you'll get a Pay button which I forgot to screenshot :v , but after you click it the payment should go thru ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YOU'RE DONE. And.................. that's how you donate using PayPal Since G2A charges 0.45 Euro per every transaction for uploading you're being given bonus credits on every donation.
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