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  1. "What is dead should remain, as if it doesn't, the balance of the world is disrupted." Greeting Midgardians, as we have progressed through the days and months in RevivalRO after the appearance of Vanna, there has been a shift in the balance of life and equity. Vanna had brought the Undead King back to life thus creating an imbalanced world. Draphael, the final villain to destory, has open a dimensional rift between Midgard and the Underworld and thus... a gloomy castle rose from the dimensional rift. Many scouts were assigned to infiltrate the castle to identify any information of whom the castle may belong to, however... none came back alive. Soon after, Undead Soldiers began to attack innocent towns and villages, all the while burning them down to the ground to nothingness. But we must have faith as the injured Queen has decided to gather adventurers to defend Midgard from the dead! Previously on Vanna's Story... Adventurers were gathered to defeat the Undead King; in a sense, to bring peace to Midgard. However, once he was defeated, the Queen, Catherine D. Geoborg, investigated Niflheim to learn that the Undead King was brought into our world by a terrible existence that was able to control it... It is the witch named... Vanna, in legends, she was known to be the servant of Jormungandr, the World Serpent. After the investigation, the Queen was attacked by a mysterious fog and only one survivor from the expedition was able to return in one piece... the rest, were either lost or held hostage within Nilfheim. Soon after, the adventurers went out on a rescue mission to save the queen! However, who knew what destruction this had brought in the end... This instance will be here from August 9th to September 13th, 2020 @ 23:59 ! World Without Balance Welcome to the World without Balance Event! To start this quest, you must talk to Recruiter Naomi [Located in prt_gld 168, 108] who will require you to be in a party of six with the level requirement of 255 for all. Once you have gathered your team, you may talk to Recruiter Naomi to start the instance that happens across three maps. The first map will involve Varunastra who guards the entrance of the Undead King's Castle; to gain access, you must defeat all the Undead Scouts as well as Varunastra to venture further... In the second map, you and your team must venture into four different entrances that will lead you to four different Elemental Guardians to destroy... but do venture carefully as what meets the eye may be deceiving... Once all the Elemental Guardians have been defeated, the Deity of Balance will appear to converse with you all before it decides to destroy you all. You must defeat the Deity of Balance in order to enter the Final Map. In the final map, you and your team will face off against Draphael, who is both human and angel as the Messenger of Ruler of the Underworld. Once you have defeated Draphael, you shall be rewarded, but be warned, this is no easy task. Cooldown for Instance: 24 hrs Fight Mechanics: Draphael (Human Form) switches between 10% Physical and Magical Reflect status every 20 seconds (Indicated by Blue/Green Aura) Draphael (Angel Form) is different than Draphael (Human Form), Draphael (Angel Form) spawns a Totem every 2 minutes, Totem grants Draphael 100% Reflect for Physical and Magical Attack. Title Rewards: As what comes with instances... also come new titles to obtain! Here are the two new titles that you may claim! Title: Wombat Warrior Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Normal Mode 30 times. Title: Balance Master Requirement: Complete World Without Balance on Nightmare Mode 10 times. Here are the rewards possible to gain once you have finished the instance successfully! Additionally, we have decided to add in a shop where you will be able to purchase some of these items with a Token of Balance! There will be two different shops, one for Normal and Nightmare Mode, which means there will be different pricing for each! Note: You cannot purchase items with Normal Mode Tokens in the Nightmare Shop, and vice versa. While Normal mode will be the typical price, Nightmare Mode will have almost half off prices for the items! But be sure to spend wisely on what you want! [1 Nightmare Mode Token = 2 Normal Mode Token] Seven Sins [2] Takenaga's Jitte [2] Loony and the Beast [2] Primordial Armor [1] Primordial Garment [1] Primordial Shoes [1] Archaic Armor [1] Vintage Shoes [1] Prehistoric Shield [1] Ancient Ring [1] Ancient Pendant [1] Netherworld's Gift [0] Orb of Balance [0] Costume: Spirit of Guardian Token of Balance Token of Balance is a token given for completion of instance.
  2. Previously from World Without Balance... Vanna had brought the Undead King back to life thus creating an imbalanced world. Midgardians were recruited to defeat Draphael who opened a dimensional rift between Midgard and the Underworld... thus a gloomy castle had risen out from the dimensional rift. Many scouts were assigned to infiltrate the castle to identify any information of whom the castle may belong to, however... none came back alive. Soon after, Undead Soldiers began to attack innocent towns and villages, all the while burning them down to the ground to nothingness. However! The adventurers of Midgard were able to defeat Draphael but little did we know... that was only the beginning of the end... A Sequel to Saving the Queen... The Queen is no longer injured but as received news of a resurrection... of Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything within it. If left alone, Ragnarok will consume Midgard and soon after, the Universe. Thus, the Queen is gathering adventurers from all over Midgard, yet again, to help save Midgard from destruction. There are 4 magical keys that have been placed in Vanna's Chests that can be obtained after completing the instance. Each key is required before those who wish to challenge Ragnarok to enter the catacombs where he awaits for the adventurers to slay. The catacombs have been discovered by a fellow researcher named Elyuminatea, thus, he will be the one to guide you all where Ragnarok lies. This Instance will be here from March 7, 2021 to March 31, 2021, @ 23:59 Ragnarok's Arrival The time has come for Ragnarok's Arrival... and who knows if this is truly the last of him... You'll be able to begin this quest by talking to Elyuminatea (Located at prt_cas 350 81) who will require you to finish Save the Queen Instance and be a level of 255 in order to begin the ordeal. You will need to be in a party of 3 (minimum) too so don't enter the catacombs alone! You can have as many people as your party can handle! Additionally, you will need the Key of Gaiety, Deception, Illusion, and the King's Chamber in order to proceed. Fret not about your storage usage, Elyuminatea will be there to aid you with that! But it is limited so pack your items wisely. Note (things not allowed): Angra and Ahura, @jump, and @storage Note (things allowed): Yggdrasil Berries and 2 Re-Entries (5 minutes each) Once you have talked to Elyuminatea and your team is put together, you will venture towards the catacombs where Ragnarok awaits your arrival... The first map will require you to bypass monsters that wait for you in waves... be wary as they can catch you off guard! The second map will require you to fight against the Door Keeper of Gaiety... who will play with you like a toy! Fight Mechanics: Phantom will blitz through the map from point to point at every 25% HP decrease and it won't stop til a successful attack has landed The third map will require you defeat the Door Keeper of Deception... be wary as there will be things which you cannot see with the naked eye.... Fight Mechanics: Golden Warrior will change elements at every 25% HP decrease Additionally, you will need to hit the correct boss out of 5 or else you face a status infliction on your whole party The fourth map will require you to defeat the Door Keeper of Illusion... be aware that mistakes will be made if things are done incorrectly... Fight Mechanics: There will be multiple Illusionist every 25% HP decrease and you will need to hit the correct one in order to inflict damage If you hit the incorrect one... more will be summoned The final map will be the final battle between you, the adventurers and with Ragnarok... he'll test you from every angle and fight you've ever had so be prepared! Once he is defeated... you will be rewarded but be aware, no ordeal is every easy... Fight Mechanics: Ragnarok will mimic each of the previous Door Keepers at every 25% HP decrease Cooldown for Ragnarok's Arrival Instance: Midnight Server Time The following will be rewards that are possible to obtain once you have finished the Instance successfully and on time! 3rd Year Anniversary Balloon (Costume) Illusion Ring [1] Illusion Skull Ring[1] Phantom Egg Token of King Enchantments Now... bringing out some new content for your old Vanna set items! We bring you... enchantments! That's right, you read it right. You can now enchant your Vanna's Dress, Elvira Boots, and The Spell Manteau! To get started, you need to complete Ragnarok's Arrival at least once and talk to Elyuminatea once more. You will be able to enchant and reset your enchantments as well. Here's how it works: Talk to Elyuminatea with the option of enchantment of one of your equipments with money and tokens in your inventory. Then pay the price per refine (1 mil per refine) otherwise you will lose all refines!!!!! Next is the token pricing which will go like this: 3 Tokens for the 3rd slot, 4 Tokens for the 4th slot, and 5 Tokens to reset the slots. And as a reminder.... ALL OF THESE ENCHANTMENTS WILL BE RANDOM. As an example, if you wanted to enchant the 3rd and 4th Slot of your +10 Vanna's Dress, you will need to pay 3+4 tokens, respectively, so 7 tokens in total to enchant the Dress and pay 10 million Zeny in order to keep the refines. Here are the Enchantments for the 3rd Slot for Vanna's Dress, The Spell Manteau and Elvira Boots Here are the Enchantments for the 4th Slot for Vanna's Dress, The Spell Manteau and Elvira Boots:
  3. ========== World Without Balance ... and you ========== World Without Balance is the newest event instance in RevivalRO and features two modes you can run it in: Normal and Nightmare mode. The major difference with that be, the monsters stats are increased in Nightmare Mode, as well as their HP. Big Note: This "guide" is written after my experience of Nightmare runs in the instance, but since basically only the stats of monsters are different between both modes, I assume it can apply to Normal as well. ========== The Party ========== A "new" unique feature of the Event is the limited party size of 6 people, you cannot run the instance with more or less people. This means your choice of characters need to be efficient. There couple of team compositions out there that can work, it all depends on how good the player can play their classes and what gives the best damage output. A few examples of party constellations are: - Sniper / Sniper / Professor / Gypsy / Whitesmith / High Priest - Sniper / Professor / Professor / Soul Linker / Gypsy / High Priest - Assassin Cross / Sniper / Professor / Soul Linker / Creator / High Priest Killers: As in basically every content, Sniper is without a doubt the best killer. The Range advantage is just too good. Further, they cover up very well with Elemental Arrows. Premium items are allowed, so Premium LKC can boost their damage even further. Assassin Cross can do a good job too, but they have the disadvantage of getting close to the enemy and potentially eat a lot reflect damage. Tanker: Another basic choice, Professor excel in tanking yet again. Commonly with either 100% Neutral/ High MDEF, High DEF or simply PD while standing on Land Protector. But basically, any class can tank in the instance with the right gears. Support Classes: The "decoration" aka support line up boils down to basically what is the main damage. Gypsy gives a high CRIT boost with Fortune's Kiss. Whitesmith gives ATK boosts with their Buffs. High Priests are High Priests. Soul Linker are mostly useful with Instant Kaizel: When you are affected by Hell's Power you will be resurrected regardless (but you need to make sure you have always Kaizel to keep it like that), Kaupe and Kaahi. ========== Gear Examples ========== Killer: As example here, Sniper. Basically your default Crit Cedi Sniper can shine here easily. Thanks to Aka for providing the screenshot. Most Noteable skills: ... the 3 Sniper always uses. Honorable Mentions with gears: Hyzolist Hat, Gold Snapback Hat, any other headgear that increases damage depending on the enemies element. LKC if you got it. Reset Girl Robe, Fire Armor (if a Vulcano is provided). Any specific gears for the elements the monsters have (can be looked up in the Wiki). At least 240 CRIT will be needed, as well as high HIT. In short, anyone who used his Sniper in PVM longer then 5min should be able to know what he needs to kill things quick. Tanker: (Personally I didn't played tank in there yet) Most Noteable skills: Land Protector (if support Vulcano), Dispell, Magic Rod Basic Professor tanking gears, mostly same as in Cedi. If you got the gears, you can try go 100% Neutral Resistance with some high MDEF (Stuff such as Deviling Card, Gibbet Card, Antiqu Helm, Little Devil Wings, Hauberk, Ebonies, Winged Cardigan). Alternativly PD can be tried, which had the downside tho, that you need to be on a Land Protector, and be more weak to magical attacks. Tanks should be played by players who have at least some knwledge of the game, and know what they are doing, since they are core part of the reason a party doesn't get rekt instantly. Keep a good stock of Yggdrasil Berries, since the instance doesn't has access to @storage. Another Tanker option can be a 90 DEF/MDEF Steel Body Champion. ========== The Instance ========== Time Limit: 60min (Both Modes) Party Size: 6 Cool Down Time: 24h (counting from when you enter) Re-entries: 1 (Nightmare); 3 (Normal) Note: For Support classes it's beneficial to stay "out of sight" of boss monsters, since they tend to cast nasty AOE magic/Earthquake/or De-Buffs. Killers sadly don't have so much luck since they need to stay in sight to attack the monsters. Always make sure you are outside of the Red area marked by the game! The instance has 3 different sections/maps. Each ending with a main MVP boss you need to kill. 1. Section: Varunastra When you spawn in the first section, the objective is simple: kill all monsters in sight. It is fairly easy, since they are all Undead (a ME Priest can come handy in dishing out additional damage). Take care tho, they like to spam Sacrifice. After all Undead Scouts died, Varunastra spawns on top of the staircase. Her Storm Gust can hurt, but usually Killers and Support row should be save from most damage. When she is killed, the party can move to the next area. 2. Section: Deity of Balance The second section is split into basically 5 sub areas, the 4 Elemental Guardians and the boss. On the map you will see 4 markers, telling you the entrance to each Guardian room, you can finish them in any order. The 4 guardians have each a different element, Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. As well as unique magical skills such as Jack Frost or Chain Lightning. They are the only monster in their specific area, so it's not difficult to take them down. Once all 4 Guardians are defeated, the Deity of Balance will spawn in the middle of the map. Same drill as always, take it down to proceed. Tho, in between his death and respawn, he will ask the party to solve his "riddles" (he will ask questions that can either be answered with balance or imbalance, demanding the players to either split in groups of either even or uneven numbers left and right of him). Note: you technically do not need to play this with the Deity, and just wait till he is done, since he will fight you regardless if you solve his riddles right or wrong. After the Deity died 3 times, you can proceed to the final room. 3. Section: Raphael In the last room Raphael in his human form will wait for you. His unique fighting mechanic consists of a changing aura, when his aura changes to Green, he will Reflect 10% of all physical and magical damage (this also includes Ranged damage). To fight against this, you can either stop between his aura changes, or just brute force it (for example Kaizel Spam the Killer). After you defeated him once, the party needs to either seek shelter on randomly placed Saftey Walls on the map to not get killed, or you just wait it out (if you got Kaizel). Human Raphael will spawn again. Same fight as before. Once his human form is defeated, walk to the top of the map, Raphael in his Angel form will wait for you there. Again, take him down. Angels unique gimmick is, that every 2 minutes he spawns a "Totem" (a hand shaped monster) randomly on the map (it will have a marker). While this Totem is active, he will reflect all damage to 100%, physical (also ranged) and magical. Taking the Totem down is easy, it always takes 1 damage, but doesn't fight back. Again, after he died the first time, the map will get nuked (the game with the Safety Walls, same applies here too), and he will spawn again. Same fight as the first time. The instance is finished when Angel Raphael is defeated. ========== Other Notes ========== Hell's Power is a de-buff which makes it impossible to resurrect the one affected by it (because of that Kaizel can be a very handy buff in the instance, due to the nature of it instantly resurrecting the player, it "ignores" the Hell's Power status). Details for the monsters in the instance can be found in the Wiki (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/World_Without_Balance), the page also features a video (which is a very subparb run of the instance tho). Freeze immunity can be handy for support classes, as well as basic Status Immunity like Silence.
  4. Happy Valentines Day Adventurers! For this year’s heart day event we will be doing a rerun of our past events to give you the opportunity to gain the items launched for those events but with a slight boost to the drop rate. x) We will be having 2 Valentine Events: For the first event, we will have Valentine's Event (2018)! Follow below post to know more details. - All Steps and items are same, no changes are made. For the second event, we will have Valentine's Event 2019: Aphrodite Mischief!, Follow below post to know more details. Event Changes: - Drop rates of loots in Valentine Goodie bag is adjusted. - 3 New Upper Headgears were added 1. Valentina's Rose Crown. Increase Fire Element Resistance by 25% Reduce Water Element Resistance by 15% Vit+10 LUK+10 Flee+60 [Married in game] Increase Miscellaneous damage by 10% and extra Movement speed by 5%. 2. Pierced Heart All status +10 Immune to Curse status If you are married in game, Increase Heal and Potion Pitcher potency by 20% Otherwise Increase Physical damage and Magical damage by 30% to Demi human, Beast, and Dragon race. 3. Valentina Cap AGI+10 VIT+10 Increase resistance from all races except Demon and Undead by 10% Give immunity to Deadly poison If the user is married, Increase max HP by 10% and able to use skill Detoxify. This event ends on the 29th February 2020 at 11.59 PM server time. Good luck with the events and have a lovely day everyone!
  5. Sooo after the Halloween event finally arrived and had an amazing start, it's time to drop some improvement suggestions. First of all tho I wanna say, this is bit to bash on Kitty or the GMs for doing crap. I know they had the best intend with doing something else then the every year trick or treat and scripting is hard. I understand that. What I don't understand and where my empathy ends is the execution in this whole scenario. Things I have heard/read since the event started and that in my opinion need improvment: - REMOVE @jump, on all maps (should be self explanatory ... I'm still astonished it is allowed) - REMOVE Back slide, Relocation, Leap and Run. We had that issue in the invasion, it gives too much disadvantage. - ONE IP per maps. People camp with alts. It's sad for one household users but they can give their thanks to the alt users. Now there things I am not sure yet how to improve but. There spawns one pit per map every 15min. ONE. MOTHER. F***ING. PIT. (sorry for the language but it still bothers me so much) Make it at least 3 per map I had said. Also i had said 15min waiting for the next pit is a bit long. We need to consider people have a life. Work, chores to do. Not everyone has time to sit there wait for spawn and then race to the pit, just to see it's taken and then wait again. In general I'm not sure if this "race" like nature is that good for a event. Events are suppose to be fun, marathons are not. At least not for me. Anyways, rant mode over. Tell me your thoughts guys. May be I'm just over dramatic again. Kthxbai.
  6. Easter Event 2018 & Goodie Bag Contents: Well, a Happy Easter to each and every one of you, So we do have an event today which is gonna last for 3weeks(21days) and this event doesn't look much complicated as the valentines day event its a very simple and short event everyone has a fair chance of getting Goodie Bag just staying AFK in the MVP map unlike Tomson(No not me but the NPC)who just eats away all those ingredients that you put effort on farming but only drawback here is I have noticed other than giving headgears,Costumes they also give other kinds of stuff like HoA consumables, Crafting Items and other trolls,Just save enough so you can spam and not complain later. 1)Easter Bunny can be found at Geffen town 185 125, Get the quest from him. 2)Easter egg can be found in the fields,Dungeons of Midgard only ( Mora,Eclage,Amastu,Dewata,Moscovia,Brasilis,Malaya,Ayothaya,Gonryun,Louyang,bifrost,Splendide,Manuk Fields are excluded)Don't waste your time to search in those Fields and Dungeons. Note:Wear Costume: Easter Basket or else you won't be able to pick up the egg. 3)By doubling clicking on the easter egg that you have found you will know either it's a good egg or a bad egg good ones give Easter goodie bag while the bad ones give cracked egg pieces. or 4)Don't worry if you got any cracked ones save them for later you can trade 5 of those to easter bunny in turn of an Easter Goodie Bag. 5)Besides, that as per the Server announcement an MVP spawns in random fields of the Midgard Continent, Either you kill it or not you still get an Easter goodie bag for staying in that field, And the person who kills the MVP gets Easter Goodie Bag and some cracked egg pieces and a random amount of Easter Eggs are spawned in the corresponding field. Safety Measure: Always be conscious if the MVP spawns twice in an hour or the next always think its a trap set by GMs and something fishy is going on.(Well they are too nice to give you bacons later) This crossbreed between Bunny & Rat with a huge lollipop looks like someone's mom who is waiting for his son to turn up home so she can spank him,He isn't a bad guy though well am i right? Note:The MVP spawns in every 2hours. What can I find in Easter Goodie Bag?Well here is a little information that I have gathered from players all around RevivalRo, Thanks for the Contribution of sprites I will list out the names at end of the topic give them a huge shout out later. Easter Goodie Bag Contents: 1)Costume:Bunny Top Hat(Black) 2)Honorary Bunny Mouth 3)Gold Snapback Cap 4)Bunny Hoodie(Black) 5)Bunny Hoodie(White) 6)Bunny Balloon Hat 7)Fluttering Butterflies 8)Fuzzy Bunny Scarf 9)Costume:Bunny Bonnet(2018) 10)Costume:Easter Egg Balloon I know there are a lot more kinds of stuff out there that are missing in this guide, I haven't even seen a single middle gear,Well if you guys find other kinds of stuff just let me know i will add it in here,Also check out Cash shop for cool donates that you might not wanna miss. Ok, let us move to the contributors of the sprites it is really impossible without them. Sprite Contributors: 1)Shan(Bunny Top Hat(Black)) 2)Kiiro(Honorary Bunny Mouth) 3)Bananaketchup(I know the Lyrics go like this No ketchup just sauce raw sauce but its different in this situation)(Gold Snapback Cap) 4)Some Random cool guy(I forgot his name but let's remember him like that cause he is cool)(Bunny Hoodie(Black)) 5)Connor(Not Condor its Connor as in Connor)(Bunny Hoodie(White)) 6)Akamine(Bunny Balloon Hat, Fluttering Butterflies) 7)Gcq(Fuzzy Bunny Scarf)(Costume: Bunny Bonnet(2018) 8)Polecat(Costume: Easter Egg Balloon) For the above ones, Thank you for helping me to complete this Guide. Happy Easter Everyone, Thank you.
  7. Valentine's Day Event 2018 Guide and Headgear/Middle/Lower List:- I know there is already one of this on forums,But lets just optimize it for your better understanding. 1)Start off by finding Cupid at Prontera Coords (155,282). Agree with him until he says 2)Then warp your self to Jawai and move on to Coords (191,220) enter the warp,As soon as you enter the warp it takes you to Bar where you will be greeted by some sexy Women.. Well ain't got time for that sweetie,I'm sorry. 3)Head to north,You will see a bridge in the center of the building Head north_east,Until you see Npc named "Tomson". 4)Talk to him,He will tell you to collect requirements based on what Chocolate that you choose. Chocolate Recipes: Event (Milk) Chocolate(1 Valentine's Goodie Bag) 1 Milk 4 Cocoa 3 Honey 2 Love Fluff 2 Love Heart 2 Love Fabric 2 Love Steel 2 Love Silk Event White Chocolate(2-3 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 1 Milk 2 Cocoa 3 Honey 3 White Dyestuff 7 Love Fluff 7 Love Heart 7 Love Fabric 7 Love Steel 7 Love Silk Event Strawberry Chocolate(1-2 Valentine's Goodie Bags) 3 Milk 3 Cocoa 4 Honey 15 Strawberry 4 Love Fluff 4 Love Heart 4 Love Fabric 4 Love Steel 4 Love Silk You can actually buy them from players,For most of you who don't know where to get them check this out, Might be helpful in preventing you from being scammed. 1)Honey can be brought via Pet Shop Npc at Mall Coords(128,57). 2)Milk can be brought via Milk Rancher at Prontera Coords (75,134). There are also many other Milk Ranchers out there,Here is the list for them. List 1 Vendor from Milk Ranch hugel (105, 169) 2 Vendor from Milk Ranch izlude (105, 92) 3 Vendor from Milk Ranch lighthalzen (220, 122) 4 Vendor from Milk Ranch moscovia (199, 110) 5 Vendor from Milk Ranch prontera (73, 134) 3)Cacao is dropped by Yoyo from Prontera_Field_03. 4)Love Items are Dropped by Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. They look like this 5)White Dyestuffs can be quested.Dye Maker is located at Morroc_In (146,99) get him the requirements necessary to make the Dye,He will make it for you. To make White Dye it requires 1)30 x White Herbs 2)1 x Counter Agent 3)1 x Empty Bottle 4)3000 zeny. 6)Strawberries can be farmed from Yoyo(Prontera_Field03) Or Coco(Geffen_Field02). 5)Bring him the requirements(Trading 1 by 1 is preferred) and come back and talk to him again,He will handle you over the Chocolate,Here there is a chance of failure as he would eat away Chocolates and you will loose your materials,So better be prepared with enough sets of requirements. 6)Luckily if you managed to get one then head back to Cupid He will handle you over his Valentine's Goodie Bag in return of Chocolate. Here is the list of items that you can get from Valentine's Goodie Bag. Note:You can get Love items from Heartrings,They spawn hourly as per the Fields/Dungeons announced by the Server. Headgears: 1)Love Bunny Band: 2)Frilled Flower Band: 3)Rose Piece: 4)Heart Ring: 5)Valentine's Topper: 6)Valentine's Cap: 7)Gent Hat: 8)Choco Love Hat(2015): Middle: 1)Twin Butterflies: 2)Spinning Hearts(2015): 3)Frilled Flower Robe: 4)Valentine's Hairpin: Lower: 1)Frilled Flower Bow: 2)Valentine's Blush: Pets 1)Cupid Egg: 2)Heartring Egg: If anything is missing,Let me Know @Tommy also my Ign is Tommy,Also Hats off to my buddies @Phinky,Kendra,Alleyne,Bambino,Gcq for sponsoring these sprites couldn't have possibly done this without them. Also don't forget to check out the Cash Shop for Limited Edition Items. This event will last for 2weeks,So make sure you get everything that you needed.Thank you.
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