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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience. Click the right link below.
  2. Hall of Abyss Farming Guide as Stalker The Hall of Abyss is a map that uses guild point system to allow the purchase of equipment. This means that you kill the monsters in the map to demonstrate your ability and gain points that you can use to buy equipment. For more information you may check out the guide in the wiki page: Hall of Abyss Stalker is a fun and exciting job as they are very versatile and can use different types of weapons and strategies both in PVM and PVP. As a stalker, you can use weapons, such as Daggers, Swords, Bows, and Shields. You also have the skill to copy by using Plagiarism and Preserve. If you want to experiment with different builds and skills, this is the job for you. It’s the jack of all trades when it comes to skills and weapons. I’ll admit, I’m not super knowledgeable in utilizing all the builds but I want to share how fun it can be and leave you to experiment. You may check out other guides for builds which I will post after this guide for more information. IGN: Breadpan, Yummy, Breadstix, Loafy, etc. A. Magic Type Build Magic type build for stalkers is quite good and challenging. They are not as strong as a wizard but can use different tactics to their advantage. This build just demonstrates how versatile stalkers can be. You will however, need to copy and Plagiarize and Preserve some magic skills for your wizard friends. Skills to Copy: Storm Gust – Level 10 - easier to cast and has a large area of effect Jupitel Thunder - Level 10 - focused on one mob at a time Crimson Fire Blossom -Spammable fire elemental magic First wind -for Payon, has AoE effect Stats: Str – 100-150 For carrying potions because you will need more of it Agi – 100-150 For movement speed Vit – 100-150 For defense of attacks Int – 255 Max, the more the better, because this is where your magic comes from Dex – 150 for instant cast of spells Equipment: Upper 2 Slot Headgear such as Bunny Balloon Hat or similar with 2 Rata Cards Satin hat / Flax hat / Cashmere hat Magical Feather - additional matk, can be obtained with this quest RDC Helm with stats for Magic Builds (Int and Dex) with 4 Rata Cards 4 slot Premium Headgear, all stats +30 with 4 Rata Cards Middle Large Blue Angelwing – with Orc Hero Card as you can easily be stunned by sonic blows from mobs Golden Wings Slotted Mid with additional Magic Attack such as Icicle Wings with 1 orc hero and 1 marduk card, you may also put Orcish Spirit Card for Ninja 4 slot premium headgear all stats +30 with 4 Rata Cards Lower Black/Orange Tie – additional magic attack Honorary Bunny Mouth – immunity to silence Blue Necktie with Rata Card / Orcish Spirit Card( for ninja skills) Premium +15 stats Armor Great Old Hauberk Armors from Tailoring such as Satin, Cashmere, or Flax Garment Great Old Cloak Garments from Tailoring such as Satin, Cashmere, or Flax Heroic Backpack with any card such as Raydric Shield Valkyrian Shield or Antiquated Shield with Alice Card Footgear Great Old Boots Slotted Footgear with Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (for damage against demi-human), Dark Lord Card (autocasts Meteor Storm), or Kiel Card (faster casts) or Moonlight Flower Card (faster walking) Tenebrous Boots – 7% Matk Accessories Resplendent Rings– with Scaraba Card Ring Des Nibelungen or Seth’s Wrath or similar - with Scaraba Card +5 Sapphire Ring Slotted accessory with Sewer Bug Dame Card to enable the use of Warp skill Weapon Creakyboom Card – 4% magic attack +10 Black Wing with card above 3-4 slotted Sword or Axe with 3-4 card/s– Just because it has slots Faceworm Leg with Creakyboom -10% matk Elemental Sword – 3 slots Which Hall of Abyss: I believe the best Hall of Abyss for magic type users is the Ancient Wind, located in Payon, Greenwood Lake (pay_gld): 206, 190. It is not as spacious as the other maps perfect of cornering mobs and hiding. The map is a mirror of gld2_pay. Strategies: Make your way to the Hall of Abyss and start killing the mobs like Skeleton General, Am Mut, Gajomart, PIamette, Soheon and Daehyon with magic attacks. For this guide I’m featuring the use of Storm Gust. You can make use of other skills like Jupitel Thunder, or ninja skills like North wind. The strategy is to cast storm gust and make the monsters chase you while they go through it. Do this multiple times by running around all over the place. When you are getting mobbed it’s best to use backslide and live to fight for another few minutes. When you are low in SP and HP, sit in a corner to regen as you do not have the life-steal. Be sure you pick up the authoritative badges (alootid 662 & 12262) Soheon drops, it comes in handy in increasing your movement speed. Be patient and after a while you will get the hang of it! Storm gust! Freeze those pesky mobs! Chilling for hp regen B. Bow Type Build Bow type build for stalkers is also very effective and fun to experiment with because you can play around with skills. They are not as strong as Snipers when it comes to ranged damage but is still very viable. You can also add additional range damage for stalkers by adding skill points to Vulture’s Eye to increase your range and hit rate. Even though you do not have a falcon, you can use other skills to deal damage and annoy opponents. Imagine using the bow, but being able to switch weapons to strip enemy armor, or having a fast get-away using backslide and chase walk/ stealth. You can also make use of copying the right skills from other jobs such as Storm Gust, Bowling Bash, Grand Cross, etc. Skills Needed: Vulture’s Eye – Level 10 – for additional range Double Strafe – Level 10 – for sniping mobs Reject Sword - works on monsters too Raid – Level 10 – for crowd control Skills to Copy (you may copy only one at a time): Bowling Bash – Level 10 – equipping arrows of different elements can change the element of your attack Storm Gust –Level 10 – for additional damage,good for halting and crowd control too Other skills you like Stats: Str – 100-150 Enough to carry arrows, potions, and loots Agi – 120-160 Enough to read 196 ASPD Vit – 100-150 Enough to survive and not be like paper Int – 100-150 Enough for defense against magic attacks Dex – 255 Max, the more the better, as this is where your damage comes from Equipment: Upper Drooping Amistr – The best because you have life steal and additional damage 2 Slot Headgear such as Bunny Balloon Hat or similar with 2 Dark Pinguicula Cards RDC Helm with 4 Dark Pinguicula Cards 4 slot Premium Headgear, all stats +30 with 4 dark Pinguicula Cards Middle Large Red Angelwing – with Orc Hero Card Slotted Mid with additional attack 4 slot premium headgear all stats +30 with 4 Dark Pinguicula Cards Lower Black/Orange Tie – additional attack Froggy Rucksack Red Necktie Premium +15 stats Cards: Kiki Card - for more crit Armor Alligator Leather Suit Great Old Hauberk Garment Alligator Leather Cloak Heroic Backpack with Anunaki Card Footgear Alligator Leather Sandals Ebony Greaves with Ascendent Orc Card or Nekoring Card Fey Boots Accessories Recondite Rings – with Implosion Cards you may add additional Dex+3 orbs Ring Des Nibelugen or similar that adds attack Slotted accessory with Sewer Bug Dame Card to enable the use of Warp skill Weapon Goblin Bow – with 2x Turtle General Card or Aunoe Cards Thanatos Bow – with 2x Turtle General Card or 2 Abysmal Knight Cards Spectral Bow – 2x Abysmal knight, Turtle General Card, Randgris Card Which Hall of Abyss: For Stalkers with bow type build you may want to try the Hero’s Tears, located in Aldebaran (191, 162) Why? Because there are lots of open spaces, perfect when you need to get away. Mobs here are easier to kill with bows. The map is a mirror of gld2_ald. Strategies: Make your way around the map killing Gioia, Elvira, Centipedes, Owls, Piamette, and Hornets. Bring Stone and shadow arrows. The Hall of Abyss mobs are thana-bait, meaning the higher the vit the more damage you will do to them using Thanatos weapons. Switch to Shadow Arrow when faced with Elvira and Gioia and Stone Arrow for the rest. When you are getting mobbed proceed to use crowd control skills such as Storm Gust and Bowling Bash to knockback enemies and make a quick escape using backslide. Sadly Chase Walk is not as effective here as the Hornets and Centipedes will still detect you. Drooping Amistr is your best friend! The more you attack the more chance you get healed with life-steal. Keep killing and gaining points, you will get the hang of it in time! Set (@autoloot 1) and add the following to alootid; Royal Jelly (ID 526), Gold (ID 969), Green Herb (ID 511) What to Farm for: Since the Hall of Abyss uses guild point system you will need to accumulate points by killing mobs in order to be able to buy from the TAGRAS shop. You can check this link to the TAGRAS Catalogue. The following are my recommendations from the list: · Saint Vincent’s Saber - You’ll never know when you want to be a sword swinging stalker instead, it also has life steal which is always useful for close range combat · Reset Girl’s Robe – All around armor · Healer’s Heart Hat – 10% Demi-Human Resist Consumables: Panacea - to remove poison and curse Green Potions/Green Herb – to cure poison (faster than Detoxify) Blue Pots – for sp regeneration Condensed white potions – for hp regeneration Speed Potion – for fleeing mobs Blue Gems - for warping yourself HOA Etiquette: Remember that HOA is a PvP map. Avoid killing other players and apologize when you do. Also avoid kill stealing mobs of others. Additional Guides: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Ragnarok_Online/Jobs/Stalker http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-character-guides/stalkerrogue-guide-mostly-stalker/ Thank you for reading the guide! Thank you to my friends who answered my questions about equips and to the ones who helped write the guide (thankies for corrections and linking hehe)! Comments and suggestions are welcome. If you think there are better builds, equips, and strategies, feel free to comment and we can discuss as I would also like to learn more. Happy Farming!
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