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  1. Are you hungry yet? ========== Sara's Memory ... and you ========== Sara's Memory is a customized instance and part of the Dali update. https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/420-maintenance-notesmajor-2018-05-11-dali-update/&tab=comments#comment-1591 IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more ========== How to go there? ========== Go to Eden (@go Eden) and you will see a giant hole in wall, take the portal in the end. You will be on the Dali map, Sara's Memory is the first on the top right side (/navi dali 136/115). ========== The Instance ========== Talk to Leon the Adventurer, he will let you revisit the past of Sara. Use the Dimensional Gate to warp into the instance. NOTE: it is a solo instance, however the NPC wants you to be in a party. Just make one for yourself. Another NOTE: You can use Premium items in the instance, however Angra and Ahura are not allowed. Main goal of the instance is to experience what happen to Sara, you follow the story line and kill all enemies in the way. There isn't really a main goal you can farm for like in Ghost Palace, the monsters in there all drop various food items (low level ones mostly), probably the only decent one being the MVP Irene Elder dropping Lv10 foods and Cookbook. ========== The Monsters ========== The instance has 4 kinds of monsters and 1 "MVP". All Soldiers are aggressive, the Guard Dogs only attack if you hit them. You need to kill them all nonetheless. Food Lvl: 3 Food Lvl: 5 Food Lvl: 4 Food Lvl: 6 Food Lvl: 10 ========== Gears & Consumables ========== I used High Wizard for the instance due to the nice AOE they naturally provide. Note: the Accessory cards are whatever, I just used most of my farming equipment (lol). Dark Wizard Hat [4] / Any of the Matk giving Event gears - Event Headgears should work as well as cheap alternative. Rose Ring [4] / Large Blue Angelwing [1] - LBW as cheap alternative, also nullifies Gemstones. Planet Orbs [1] / Scarlet Angel Ears [1] - Scarlet Angel nullifies Gemstones, handy to spam Safety Wall. Tidon [1] - Any Armor goes, this was just my default GR one. Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] - Any Garment goes. Ebony Greaves [1] - Any Boots goes. Lich's Bone Wand [2] - Easy to obtain. Immune Shield [1] / Strong Shield [1] - Strong Shield Provides no knockback, handy against Irene Elder. Resplendent Ring [1] / Asomatous Ring [1] Garment: Deviling Card - 50% Neutral Resistance. Armor: Grand Ghostring / Ghostring Card - Enchants Armor with Ghost. Footgear: Fallen Bishop Card - Increase damage to Demi-Human by 50%. Shield: Thara Frog Card - Reduces damage from Demi-Human by 30%. Headgear: Evil Snake Lord Card - INT +3, Immunity to Curse. Rata Card - Matk +220. Chance to increase Flee +100 for 4sec when using Magic. Weapon: Zakudam Card - Increase Magic damage to Demi-Human by 5%. Optional: Hill Wind Card - Increase damage with Thunderstorm, Jupitle Thunder and Lord of Vermillion by 5%. Accessory (all optional, since a lot monster spawn, you can put any card that maybe drops you something useful): Plasma Card - Chance to drop a "Proof" Potion when killing monsters. Pancake Card - Chance to drop a Pancake when killing monsters. Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion (in case something goes wrong) Skills: Energy Coat, Amplify Magic Power, Storm Gust, Jupitle Thunder (JT), Lord of Vermillion (LoV), Safety Wall (Tho Irene can push you back, you will need immunity to that to use SW properly) The basic get go is, you spam Storm Gust on the monster waves, they all freeze. Then you can either LoV them, or pick them one by one with JT. Basically the same goes for Irene, tho he doesn't freeze. Spam JT on him and keep an eye on your HP to use a Berry if needed. If you got knock back immunity, you can also keep Safety Wall on yourself to save some Berries. Items that prevent knock back be Strong Shield, or Bronze Greaves. ========== Walk through ========== The Instance map is a copy of Payon Town. You will meet Sara who is waiting in Payon for her father. After her dialog with her father, move to the portal. The instance will be always like that, the portals you need to go to will be marked with a green arrow on the map. - You find Sara and witness wit her the murder of her mother, you need to escape with her. The system Alarm will go off and the first guards and dogs will spawn, kill them. Make sure you kill everything in section you are in currently. Sara will keep spawning on the way, guiding you. Once you cleared the area, a message appears and a new portal opens. This will repeat a few times. Final Section will be when the message pops up that Sara went up again 12 o'clock In the last section you finally get to catch Sara. A dialog happens again between you, her and her father. Soldiers will spawn. Once they are killed, Irene Elder will spawn immedatly, so be prepared before you enter the cut scene. He uses mostly FSK and Palm Push, but shouldn't be that much of a problem. Keep some Berries on hand in case your HP grain too quick. Once you finish talking with him, chase Sara one last time. When you find her, strangers will take her away. The instance will be over with that.
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