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  1. 1.)Warpa>Dungeons>Bylan Dungeon 5. 2)Speak to Nobby the Novice and ask him whats wrong>Why happened?>I..Uh sure yeah,Here you will get time to prepare yourself. 3)After your prepared speak to Nobby again,He will warp you inside. 4)As soon as you enter kills all the monsters you see then head to the right side and go up stairs where you see a corpse take from strange map from it. 5.)Click on Algae you will find a key to the Door. 7.)When you Click on the Door it will ask you for password,the password is "Atlanture". 8)Kill all the monsters on the next phase,You will find Nobby the Novice at 13 98 speak to him and move to the next phase. 9.After Killing all the Monsters here find the swords and kill it Nobby will take it back to barracks after all the swords are killed you will get the barracks key. 10.)You will Require 4 items to get past the altar door they are Lamp ray's'fin Squidgitte's'Tentacles Octopot's'Shell and King Kray's' Pincer which are dropped while killing monsters any where in this instance,Or can also be bought from Nobby for 10mill each on the same map. 11.)After you have placed all 4 items on the altar you will proceed the next phase by selecting the option"throw caution to the wind. 12.)Kill all the kraken tentacles you see all around the map and head to kraken before killing it kill its Tentacles and finally kill it. 13.)Here you can use Bubblegum if you want to double the drop rate,Kraken have pretty good loots after the Kraken is killed take it loots,To autoloot it on the start of instance type @autoloot 1 or @autoloot 100 depends on how rare item you what you want. 14.)After you have obtained a key from Kraken it will help you to open treasure chest located at the center of the map in which you can find the final loots,you can peacefully take the loots as there are no Monsters on the map. 15.)After 2 mins you will be warped out with the loots you have chosen. About the Monster:- Monster: 'Kraken'/'Kraken'/'KRAKEN' (2202) Level:255 HP:7715255 SP:1 Base EXP:26545000 Job EXP:21275000 DEF:60 MDEF:64 STR:445 AGI:455 VIT:50 INT:455 DEX:472 LUK:492 ATK:8550~13500 Range:3~10~12 Size:Large Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:4) Drops: - Treasure Box 100.00% - Saphien's Armor of Ocean[1] 1.00% - Cardo[1] 100.00% - Hunting Spear[1] 100.00% - Ice Falchion 60.00% - Tentacle 100.00% - Kraken Card 0.20% About the Monster:- Monster: 'Kraken Leg'/'Kraken Leg'/'KRAKEN_LEG' (2206) Level:245 HP:2632195 SP:1 Base EXP:19555000 Job EXP:18275000 DEF:30 MDEF:35 STR:333 AGI:312 VIT:30 INT:298 DEX:312 LUK:290 ATK:7580~8900 Range:4~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:3) Drops: - Sticky Poison 2.00% - Cold Ice 2.00% About the Monster:- Monster: 'Squidgitte'/'Squidgitte'/'SQUIDGITTE' (2204) Level:225 HP:517597 SP:1 Base EXP:17555000 Job EXP:14275000 DEF:50 MDEF:44 STR:385 AGI:275 VIT:86 INT:335 DEX:312 LUK:375 ATK:4280~8589 Range:1~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:4) Drops: - Elder's Branch 20.00% - Ice Piece 20.00% - Tidal Shoes[1] 2.00% - Squid Ink 100.00% - Tentacle 100.00% - Old Blue Box 1.00% - Sedora Card 0.20% About the Monster:- 'Lamp Ray'/'Lamp Ray'/'LAMP_RAY' (2201) Level:225 HP:424597 SP:1 Base EXP:17555000 Job EXP:14275000 DEF:20 MDEF:34 STR:335 AGI:248 VIT:65 INT:310 DEX:365 LUK:234 ATK:5280~8589 Range:3~10~12 Size:Medium Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:3) Drops: - Crystal Arrow Quiver 5.00% - Particle Of Light 100.00% - Electric Eel[2] 2.00% - Electric Wire 5.00% - Fin 100.00% - Rough Oridecon 50.00% - Sropho Card 0.20% About the Monster:- Monster: 'Octopot'/'Octopot'/'OCTOPOT' (2203) Level:225 HP:637590 SP:1 Base EXP:17555000 Job EXP:14275000 DEF:70 MDEF:64 STR:285 AGI:275 VIT:286 INT:235 DEX:212 LUK:275 ATK:6280~7589 Range:1~10~12 Size:Large Race: Fish Element: Earth (Lv:3) Drops: - Ice Crystal 20.00% - Coral Reef 20.00% - Grit 60.00% - Squid Ink 10.00% - Gold 0.40% - Old Purple Box 0.20% - Pot Dofle Card 0.20% About the Monster:- Monster: 'King Kray'/'King Kray'/'KING_KRAY' (2198) Level:225 HP:557595 SP:1 Base EXP:17555000 Job EXP:14275000 DEF:40 MDEF:51 STR:345 AGI:355 VIT:130 INT:355 DEX:412 LUK:292 ATK:7580~8900 Range:1~10~12 Size:Large Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:3) Drops: - Sandstorm[4] 0.20% - Particle Of Light 100.00% - Ice Piece 2.00% - Spike 0.20% - Mystic Frozen 20.00% - Nipper 100.00% - Solid Shell 100.00% - King Dramoh Card 0.20% Drooping Amistr. Trident with Orc Hero,Marduk,2Leaf cats. +0 or 10+Variegated vest with Gioia card. 10+Hardened Steel Sword. 10+Perun Axe with Sniper Card,Aunoe,Dracula. 9+-10+Heroic Backpack with Dustiness Card. Footgear Antique with General Egnigem Card. 2Recondite rings with Ifrit Cards. Trivia: Trident can be bought from Sales. Hardened Steel Sword can be bought from players,Cost depends on its rank. Perun axe can be farmed from Nightmare Minorous or Bought from trade or Market(@go 3 town) Heroic Backpack can be bought from cash shop for 3c or 300premium points or higher refine can be bought from players for 10c. Foot Gear Antique from Wolfchev Quest Refer(https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Breaking_The_Seal_Quest) Recondite rings from be Obtained from Cedi or Players Refer(https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/w/index.php?title=Cedi_MVP_System&redirect=no) Newbie Equipments: Drooping Amistr (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest) Variegated Vest with Marc Card(For changing Element to wind and Freeze resistance)https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/w/index.php?title=Cedi_MVP_System&redirect=no Hardened Steel Sword(Any Refine) Perun axe with 3 Aunoe Cards(For AoE Damage) Great Demon Shroud with Marse or Dustiness Card.(For Resistance to wind or water) Ebony Greaves(Can be obtained from Cedi with Ascendent Orc Card) https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/w/index.php?title=Cedi_MVP_System&redirect=noor Footgear Antique (Can be Obtained from Breaking the seal quest with Ascendent Orc Card) 2x Recondite Ring (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/w/index.php?title=Cedi_MVP_System&redirect=no)with Hardened Anvil Card. Skills:- Enchant Deadly Poison:-Enchants weapon with deadly poison increasing its damage,Consumes 1 Poison Bottle. Back Slide:-Slides 5cell backwards,Can be used with /bingbing. Kraken's Tentacle Ring Kraken's Tooth Necklace Laver Kelp Drooping Tortoise Splash Hat Sucker Sica Tuna Mace Squidgitte Egg Nobby the Novice Card
  2. I'm just writing some tips here for future me to see while i'm doing solo novice>acolyte>monk>high novice>high acolyte>champion>sura run I'm trying not to party, so while looking for mobs to farm i stick to these rules. 1. The map should mostly be passive. (Monks only have single target damage so I can't deal with swarms very effectively). 2. After I get to monk and lvl 5 investigate, the monster should die using 5 Investigate. Generally following this guide : http://myrolife.blogspot.sg/2016/05/anubiss-guide-to-building-monk.html 1. For the 1-20 I go for porings instead of lunatics even though there's slightly less exp, but porings drop sticky mucus which sells for a good price. Nice source of zeny early on. After some time though thief bugs give better exp, though it doesn't drop something good to sell. 2. Pecopecos are great after 20 level. It drops the rod which can be sold for 1250 z each, and also yellow herb, which is a monk quest item later on. 3. Beach dungeon gives good exp and zenies. Level 3 is mostly passive, with immobile aggressive monsters. Thara frogs drop white herb which is a monk quest item, and because they are passive, I go for them instead of sidewinders. They also drop good stuff to sell. (Clearing the floor at 110 STR and lvl 1 agi gives 100k zeny per hour). Level 2 is also mostly passive (the golems) but there are more aggressive monsters here. Golems can be killed with 5 investigates at 110 STR. (Clearing this floor at 110 STR and lvl 1 agi gives 200k zeny per hour, I abused the teleport taking no gold to morroc ("@go morr") and healed whenever I almost died). [Now testing Level 1 clearing efficiency]. 4. I like knuckles so I bought finger (+97 atk) at einbroch.
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