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Found 1 result

  1. Want a cute character that’s very flexible? Then opt for a baby super novice. Super Novice class is indeed flexible but I personally wanted a cute side of it so I opted for a Baby Super Novice. With this class, I usually farm a lot - as in A LOT. Baby Super Novice is easy to level up and the gears have a range of choices. However, for this guide I am opting for a ranged/bow type. So before I enumerate the gears let me share the stats for Baby Super Novice Stats Str: 190 (approximately) Agi: 90 (I personally use improve concentration with increase agi and blessing buffs) Vit: 50 Int: rest of the remaining stats Dex: 255 Luk: 101 (approximately because my baby super novice got much crit) Skills Aside from the basic skills of an archer class, I also got overcharge and discount, from priest class I got Teleport, Increase Agi, and Blessing, I also have increase HP recovery and increase SP recovery since I buff myself a lot and teleport from one place to another. Gears Please take note that the gears I am listing down are recommendations. They are NOT in any way prescriptive as players’ budget for gearing characters vary from one person to another. I’m just going to make an exhaustive list of possible gears (meaning from budget friendly to budget splurger). Starter/Basic Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm [2] Novice Golden Oracle Wings [2] +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Hat +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Breast +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Cloak +7 to +10 Alligator Leather Shoes +5 Ruby Rings or +5 Zircon Rings +8 to +10 Barren Bow / Solid Bow / Fine Bow Intermediate Drooping Amistr - quest Chubby Bunny [1] - event Hylozoist Hat [1] - event Magic Bunny Band [1] - event RDC Helm [4] (Dex and Luk inclined) - from RDC Froggy Rucksack - from Heroic Shop Day Ring [1] - from Heroic Shop Green Bag - from RDC Hermes Holiday Pragmatist Mail [1] - from cedi Great Old Hauberk - from cedi Reset Girl’s Robe [1] - from TAGRAS NPC Hall of Abyss +9 HBP - from heroic shop / vending machine in eden group 2nd floor / cash shop (need to refine up to +9 for optimal effect) with Anunaki Card Great Demon Shroud [1] with Anunaki Card - from Sealed Shrine or buy from other players +10 Super Bow [4] with Abysmal Knight Cards or in combination with Turtle General Card +10 Goblin Bow [2] with Abysmal Knight Cards or in combination with Turtle General Card Recondite Ring [1] with either Pokey Card or Implosion Card Ring Des Nibelungen [1] with either Pokey Card or Implosion Card Enhancing Clip Ebony Greaves [1] with Ascendant Orc Card Fey Boots [1] with Ascendant Orc Card Cards Orc Hero Card Marduk Card Evil Snake Lord Kiki Card Gemini S-58 Card Dark Pinguicula Card Duneyrr Card Gloom Orc Sniper Card Orc Fighter Card Advanced Range Lucky Box headgears +30 Stats Mid +15 Stats Lower (Basically gears from Cash Shop that could increase damage with Range or Increase Atk) Miner Hat [4] - from Mining Point Red Tie [1] / Yoyo Rucksack [1] - from Mining Point +8 to +10 Heart Bow +10 Elvira Boots [1] (need to be +10 for optimal effect) Flamel Emul Card Orc Knight Card Places to Farm with Baby Super Novice Beach Dungeon 2 Loots - Aloevera, Star Crumb Cursed Abbey 1 and 2 Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Wool Scarf, Tidal Shoes Ein Dungeon 2 Loots - Crystal Fragment, Topaz, Oridecon Hammer Geffen Dungeon 2 and 3 Loots - Oridecon, Blue Potion, Rough Oridecon, Opal, Marionette Doll, Blue Herb, White Herb, Fabric Geffenia All Levels Loots - preferably pick everything up Glast Heim Churchyard and St. Abbey Loots - White Herb, Fabric, Opal, Yggdrasil Leaf, Bible [2] Glast Heim Underground Cave 2 Loots - Oridecon, White Herb, Silver Ring, Rough Oridecon, Star Crumb Glast Heim Underground Prison 2 Loots - White Herb, Rough Oridecon, Oridecon, Rose Quartz Juperos Core Loots - Steel, Oridecon, Cooking Kits, Crest Pieces, Weapons (yeah the weapons in here cost a lot of zeny) Niffleheim Town and Fields Loots - Ectoplasm, Spool, Fabric, Needle Packet Moscovia Dungeon 3 Loots - Blue herbs, Witherless rose, Crystal mirror, Piece of cake, Mastela fruit Odin Shrine 3 Loots - Odin’s Blessing, Rune of Darkness, Rouge, Valkyrja’s Shield, Valhalla’s Flower, Rouge, Silk Robe [1] Thanatos Tower 7 to 12 Loots - pick up everything MVP Room Beta, Theta, Epsilon Loots - refer to this other guide I created for MVP Room farming https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/870-mvp-room-farming-and-loot-ids-guide/ Manuk Field and Splendide Field (Tatacho and Cornus) Loots - Mystic Horn, Fur, Peaked Hat (Exchange them to their respective NPCs to make them Stat Food) Geffen Field 2p Loots - Crystal Mirror, Blue Potion, Blue Herb, Mystic Horn, Coronis’ Wing, Luin Celtchair, Dark Piece Thulean Plateau Loots - Ruby, Sardonyx, Elunium, Oridecon, Enriched Elunium, Mastela Fruit, 2carat diamond, 3carat diamond Nightmare Pyramids (Glast Heim Past - Faroe Island) Loots - Perun Axe, White Herb, Oridecon, Rough Oridecon, Damned Scroll Faroe Island Loots - Star Crumb, Needle Dagger, White Herb, Gust Bow [1], Polished Shield [1] There’s actually many more places out there to farm for a Baby Super Novice class, but I just wrote the common ones. Roam around and discover many other places with a Baby Super Novice. Have fun playing!
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