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  1. gcq's Cedi Guide ... and you Cedi is a custom instance system from revivalRO, former rebirthRO. You collect points to trade them in to catalyst items (Nectar and Ambrosia) to fight MVPs and get loot. In depth guidance on gettin' started in Cedi can be found in the Wiki, also with all gear drops: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System Sidenote: this guide will focus more on Characters and general behavior in Cedi, less on the MVP itself or the Drops, for these information kindly use the Wiki. IGN, yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more. ========== How to obtain Cedi Points? ========== As of right now, there three ways to obtain cedi points: finish Monster of the Day (MotD) and get a small amount there open the Cursed Box you get on day 24 and 31 in daily log in (they give a random amount) give Marvin the cards he is asking for, this is the main way Marvin Marvin is a NPC that ask every 2h for a random card. You can either talk to him directly in Yuno (/navi yuno 146/191), left side of the spawn. You can also find out the current card and your cedi points by pm-ing "NPC:Marvin" with any message. Tim Tom Tim Tom is the NPC that gives you Nectars for the cedi points you collected. He can be found in the northern part of Yuno (/navi yuno 115/288). For each deal with him you need cedi points and a small amount of zeny. For higher tiers you also need to collect the "Samples" you get from the previous run. BillyBob NPC Billy trades in your cedi points and Samples for Nectar. This Nectar will be used to run "new" Cedi and Odin's Shrine 01. Billy can be found at Yunos Airport (/navi yuno 53/211) first floor (/navi y_airport 43/41). ========== OLD CEDI ========== Ancient Tapestry If you got all the Nectar needed you can start your Cedi run at the Ancient Tapestry in yuno (/navi yuno 210/305). Tiers D, C and B will be done there. The Tapestry also provides you with a Concierge NPC that Heals, includes a Tool Dealer shop and Repairs your items if needed. Beiside that is Zotar. All Loot the Party Leader gets will be stored in Zotar (including the Samples), so ake sure you take your loot from him before starting the next Tier. Watery Lair Tier A will take place in Byalan dungeon 5, (/navi iz_dun04 130/229). If you are lazy gettin all your alts on the Lair, it is also enough if they just on the spawn point of the map to get teleported in the Lair. The Lair also provides the Concierge NPC and Zotar. ========== NEW CEDI ========== Beacon New Cedi, Tier D-2, C-2 and B-2 takes place at Odin's Shrine Beacon (/navi odin_tem01 135/135). The beacon also provides Concierge and Zotar. ======================================== ========== FIGHTNING THE MVPs ========== General tips, to make runs as smooth as possible. For the detailed information to every MVP, check the wiki page, it's well written. · Make sure important Buffs are up, like FCP (especially in Tier B for the tank; or for the Killers if WS buffs are used). · Don't panic if the Tank dies. If you catch the Aggro of a MVP, try walk with it back to the tank (and not into your team). · If the tank loses the Aggro, stop attacking. It's hard for the tank to get the MVP back to him if it jumps from one killer to another. · Keep distance, especially in Tier B. · Make sure you and alts if there any, have Yggdrasil Leaves, to Resurrect in an emergency. · Snipers, make sure you got your arrows. ========== THE PARTY ========== Main classes that are used in Cedi are, Professors, Priests and Sniper. Sniper is the best killer to go, sad to say to any else. Other supports that often get used (but mainly as alts) are, Whitesmith, Creators, Soul Linker, Professors and Performer (Gypsy). A usual Party set up be: Professor that does the main tanking (LP yourself if needed, Vulcano the Killers, Dispell the MVP, stay alive) (any) number of (usually 1 or 2) Priests; (in lower tiers you mostly don't even need that), Buffing, resurrect people, Lex Aeterna the MVP (any) number of Sniper; Crit build, make sure the MVP dies Following can be used as alts or main (tho you won't have much to do) Soul Linker; Kaizel and Kaupe are always nice Creator; FCP (needed for the Tank in Tier B and B-2) (or needed if a WS buffs "Over Thurst") Whitesmith; Weapon buffs Weapon Perfection and Over Thurst, Repairing Weapons if they break due to Over Thurst Performer, mainly Gypsy; using Fortunes Kiss to improve the Crit damage of the Killers Tier A, new Cedi another Professor, using Vulcano For Tier B, A, and new Cedi; Paladins Gospel can be help too, also in Tier B the Paladin can support the Tank with Devotion. For Tier A; since Chutullu takes longer to kill, a second Gypsy and Clown can be useful using the ensemble song "Drum on the Battlefield" !OVERALL NOTE ON THE EQUIPMENT I POST UNDER THE CLASSES: I will mention if it's character bound, If I not post anything mentioning like that, it's tradable with no restriction. ========== THE TANK ========== Professor. In general, basically everyone that can reach 99 def can tank, Professor just evolved to be the best choice 'coz of their other skills to support. SKILLS Energy Coat, Safety Wall, Sight Dispell, Land Protector, Vulcano, Indulge, Sense, Magic Rod, ( Wall of Fog; Occasionally) CONSUMABLES Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Yggdrasil Leaf (to help resu if someone dies), Panacea, Cold Proof Potion (Tier A if you can't get 100% Water Resistence); (Blue Potion, Magical and Normal Defense Potion, not a must have tho) GEARS & STAT & PLAYSTYLE Tier D, C, B, D-2 and C-2 Goal is to reach (or get close to) 99 HARD DEF (the left number) to take as less damage as possible from the MVPs. Old school gears include Elunium Set that can be crafted by Metalworking. Tenshi Ring gives nice defense too and can be obtained in a small Quest. Keris also can be obtained via a Quest, tho requiers luck to get it with high def boni. High Refines help, since they reduce the damage you take but aren't a "must have". In the following you can see 2 different ways to approach tanking in Cedi. - - Gears Tenshi Ring [0] - Quest Item Large White Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Fuzzy Bunny Scarf [0] - Easter Event (Account Bound) Hip Ribbon [0] - Quest GO set: Great Old Hauberk, Great Old Cloak, Great Old Boots, Great Old Ring [all 0] - Cedi Tier A (Account Bound on equipping) Elunium set: Mask, Breast, Shoulders, Greaves [all 0] - Metalworking Keris [1] - Dewata Quest Vigilante Shield [1]* - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Strong Shield [1] - Monster Drop Enchancing Clip [0] - Quest Topaz Ring [0] - Handicrafting Sapphire Ring [0] - Handicrafting Vendor's Clip [1] - Event Shop Cards Mistress Card (Nullify Gemstones for skills) Golem Card Alice Card Osiris Card *Note on Vigilante Shield: It can be slotted with Cedi Orbs Pushback (prevent knockback) or Coma (prevent Coma). To be a alternative to Strong Shield it need to be slotted with Pushback Orb, otherwise better use Strong Shield. Important is also, to have Knockback immunity (can be archived with Pushback Orb or Strong Shield OR if you are rich Bronze Greaves). Some MVP can cause Coma (1HP/1SP) on you, like Baphomet and Dark Lord, make sure to be prepared for that with either a Coma Orb in shield or an Enhancing Clip. Keris is an weapon that can be enchanted. Try to get as high as possible DEF enchants on it. Tier D, C, B, D-2, C-2 If you start a run, make sure you are the only one moving to the middle, to face the MVP (the tank, obviously). Before that make sure you dropped Vulcano for your Killers, if they use Fire Armor their damage gets boosted. The MVP will keep the attention on you and won't attack the rest of the party as long as you won't die. The lower Tiers D and C are usually not big of a deal, only MVP that can become annoying are Thanatos and Detale. Your Job be to spam Dispell and keep yourself in Safety Wall. Tier C is most likely the same chorus, Vulcano, face MVP, Dispell and try not to die. Some MVP tend to use Coma, so make sure you are prepared. Thanatos in Tier C, Detale in Tier D, Garm and Bascojin in Tier B tend to change their elements. Use Sense on them to tell your Killers what element to use. Tier B MVP, Garm and Bacsojin are hard to tank. Spam Safety Wall or if the run is smoothly, let your Priest help you with that. A Paladins Devotion also helps a lot there. One more note to Tier B, especially Bacsojin: There 2 ways you can face her. First of all, she tends to spam Pneuma, which is very very bad for Snipers. Use Vulcano on the Snipers and Land Protector under Bacsojin. This requires 2 Professors. Use Vulcano in the Snipers and fill the area around Bacso with Safety Wall. Pneuma can't be casted on top of SW and also the SW helps you tanking. Requires only one Professor. Tier A Tier A is different from the other Tiers, it has only one MVP that can appear, Cthullu. He's Plant/Water and mainly uses Water attacks, so tanking him with immunity is the best way to go. Gears Drooping Tortoise [1] - Kraken's Lair Marin Party Hat [2] - RDC Party Planer Large White Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Kitten Love [0] - Valentine's Event (Account Bound) Yatta [0] - Quest White Death Aura [1] - Quest Great Old Hauberl [0] - Cedi Tier A (Account Bound on equipping) Valkyria Armor [1] - Monster Drop Wool Scarf [1] - Monster Drop Tidal Shoes [1] - Monster Drop Keris [1] - Dewata Quest Vigilante Shield [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Strong Shield [1] - Monster Drop Aqua Orb [1] - Mora Dailies Topaz Ring [0] - Handicrafting Sapphire Ring [0] - Handicrafting Vendor's Clip [1] - Event Shop Cards Leaf Cat Card Mistress Card (Nullify Gemstones for skills) Marc Card Marse Card Icering Card Golem Card Alice Card / Alternatively Golden Thiefbug Card (for the Dispell immunity) Alligator Card / Alternatively Osiris Card / any works (there not much options) When arriving in the Lair, you need to find out in which of the 4 Pools he spawned. If that's set, the Tank/or alt Professor cast Vulcano for the Killers and goes down the Pool to take Chtullu closer to the mid (while still being down in the pool). Make sure you are not gettin too close to the edge, so the Party won't get hit by his Storm Gust. One note to take tho is, that Cthullu tends to use Sacrifice after a while, you can avoid that damage by either be spammed with Kaupe or caste Safety Wall. If the run also takes too long, he tends to spam some nasty attacks. If that is the case, tell everyone to stop what they are doing and "change the pool". Normally Cthullu will chill down after that out time and you can proceed to kill him. Beside all of that,things go as usually in the other Tiers, spam Dispell, Safety Wall, make sure you won't die. IF you die, just wait till you get resu and go catch the big squid again. Tier B-2 The gears for B-2 are the same as for the previous Tiers D, C, etc. The only major difference here is how to handle it. The biggest difference be; as tank you need to use Land Protector. King Poring tends to spam Meteor Storm if there is no Land Protector. The other important part is his slaves. Them alone are not dangerous, but if triggered (by attacking them), they will attack and (can) cause Coma. If the slaves won't calm down, you need one of the Killers to keep Sharp Shoot them. As in Tier B, Devotion helps on supporting the Tank. Over all, the main task of the Tank in Cedi is, to survive and Dispell. If you have a hard time surviving, you might should consider changing gears or let someone else tank for the team. ========== THE KILLER ========== Sniper. Overall the best choice for consistent damage. SKILLS Improve Concentration True Sight, Wind Walk, Sharp Shooting, (Ankle Snare, Remove Trap) CONSUMABLES Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Yggdrasil Leaf, Fortis Potestas, Abrasvie, Food Box Lv3 (alternatively DEX and LUK food lv10), Arrows (all of them, Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Immaterial, Shadow, Holy) GEARS & STAT & PLAYSTYLE !!!IMPORTAN!!! REMOVE YOUR FALCON. Falcon does small AoE damage, which will hit slaves and they will then get on you. Avoid unneeded hassle by triggering slaves. Snipers in Cedi basically just hit crit lock the MVP till it dies. If it happens that the tank loses the Aggro and aims the Party, you need to stop your attack and run like a little girl (preferable in the direction your Tank is). Gears Drooping Amistr [0] - Quest (Account Bound) Heirozoist Hat [1] - Halloween Event (Account Bound) Candy Cane Hat [o] - Christmas Events, Retro EP Shop (Account Bound) Gold Snapback Cap [0] - Event Shop (Account Bound) Large Red Angelwing [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Froggy Rucksack [0] - Monster of the Day Black/Orange Tie [1] - Halloween Event (Account Bount) NOTE! Cards in there doesn't have effect in Cedi Valentine's Blush [0] - Valentine's Event (Account Bound) Black Death Aura [1] - Quest Luciu's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] - Monster Drop Pragmatists Mail [1] - Cedi Tier C, A (Account Bound on equipping) Heroic Backpack [1] - Monster of the Day, Cash Shop, etc. Great Demon Shroud [1] - Sealed Shrine Fey Boots [1] - Fluffy Instance Ebony Greaves [1] - Cedi Tier C, A (Account Bound on equipping) Goblin Bow [2] - RDC Recsojin Spectral Bow [4] - Monster Drop. Giant Bow [2] - Jitterbug Instance. Gale Bow Upgraded [3] - Monster Drop, Socket Enchanted (mainly for Tier A) Recondite Ring [1] - Cedi Tier B, A (Account Bound on equipping) Ring Des Niebelungen [1] - Quest Cards Duneyrr Card, Dark Pinguicula Card Gloom Under Night Card (for monsters that it's effective against) Pasana Card (if not using Fire Armor, Enchants Fire) Annunaki Card Ascendent Orc Card, Orc Knight Card (expensive variant) Abysmal Knight Card, Orc Sniper - Orc Fighter Cards Implosion Card, Pokey Card (cheaper variant) Gears can change depending on the enemy you face. That's why there is a wide variety of Headgears you can use that gives you bonus damage on specific elements. If you don't have Frey Boots, you can also use Ebony Greaves or Alligator Sandals (if you use that set). If you don't have a fire Armor, you can use Reset Girl Robe, or any other, just make sure you enchant it with Fire Property to get more damage standing in Vulcano. Tier D, C, B, D-2,C-2 and B-2 Most of the MVPs in these Tiers are either Shadow, Demon or Undead, so use Chubby Bunny /Heirozoist Hat. Mainly you will need Holy Arrows. Tier D Detale, Tier C Thanatos and Tier B Basojin and Garm tend to change Elements. Make sure you hotkey your Arrows so you can quick adjust to that and do the best damage. King Poring in Tier B-2 is Neutral, if you got it use a Gold Snapback Cap. If the slaves of King Poring are bothering the Tank too much, make sure to Sharp Shoot them. It makes the Tanks life easier. Tier A The only major change you do here in your gears is (if you got that) using a Candy Cane Hat and Valentine's Blush. If you don't got these, you can go in with the normal gears from before. Cthulhu is Water property, so use Wind Arrows. A Gale Bow Upgraded is also a nice addition to that. In general there isn't much to say or even do as Killer, you just need to make sure you won't whip accidentally your whole party coz you didn't stopped attacking while your Tank kissed the floor. Also make sure you get the best damage possible with your gears and keep your own buffs up (Attention Concentration and True Sight). ======================================== Other Party Member quick overview. ========== PRIEST ========== I will not go in depth for Priest gears now, but if that's requested I can add that since it's actually my main job (lol). But what I wanted to add as mention here is, for MVPs that use screen wide Coma or status Effects, like Tier D/C Dark Lord or C-2 Sewer Bug, make sure you always Pneuma your Party and Assumptio. Pneuma Blocks the Wide effect and Assumptio reduces the damage taken from it. If everything goes smoothly, don't be a lazy butt and just stand there, you can do several other things then Buff, help on Safety Wall your Tank or Lex Aeterna the MVP. ========== PERFORMER ========== Aka mainly Gypsy. Make sure she has high LUK, so her Crit song Fortunes Kiss gives a lot bonus. If you are using "Drum on the Battlefield", there isn't much on stats to improve that. ========== SOUL LINKER ========== Not mandatory but Kaupe can be a handy little buff on making the tanking easier for the Tank. Kaizel without casting time can also be a nice thing, so make sure you are equipped with Beelze Cards, Orleans Combo and Clock Tower Manager Cards. ======================================== ========== VIDEOS ========== Under the following are SOLO walk through of every Cedi tier to demonstrate what gonna happen, and how to position yourself the best. Videos are recorded by Waz (IGN Ygritte). Thanks for providing them. (Sorry for the awkward display in here, but the editor is a bish) TIER D https://youtu.be/oOXWH5QSk18 TIER C https://youtu.be/YYoVaXVAwUY TIER B https://youtu.be/I-21oJummNE TIER B2 https://youtu.be/Bwg06TIch_c
  2. Hi. I would just like to suggest on some matters. Please do keep in mind that I haven't check every single thread out there so I don't know whether this was already suggested or not. I just want to write this down as I have been trying to think of ways which could improve and help the server become more enjoyable. First things first. BCA (Bloody Card Album), a reward from completing cedi has its value totally plummeted to 1c last time I check buying price of players. Was it because of the cards that dropped from it? Maybe, maybe not. Let's take a good look at what are the cards that could drop down from this: Teddy Baal Card RSX 3.14 Nidhoggur Shadow Card (?) Naght Sieger Card (?) Yuki Card Jolie Card Kiel Card MVP Room cards and those MVP that can be found in dungeon maps Honestly, I believe it's really tempting to open BCA just to get that Teddy Baal Card. However, since the chances are very low, risking so many BCA's might not be a good idea. 1C per BCA is still creds after all. Another thing aside from the aforementioned situation, it is somewhat easy, I believe, to gather cedi points. I personally own 5 accounts (all of which I can use to run cedi) which I can use to accumulate points per month (if I wish to do so) by just using all of them every day for 2 hours. However, I don't really run cedi that much (laziness aside) due to thinking as well that the rewards per tier could be more or less better than BCA (let's say for example GO set). Hence, I would like to suggest the following in hopes that this could spice up and improve the gaming experience of everyone: for Cedi rewards - let there be 4 types of card album rewards that would be randomly given every complete cedi set run. Perhaps these 4 types could be a) regular BCA (with 70% more chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished) b) BCA IPBC edition which drops the cards of MVPs from itty bitty poring city (with 15% chance of being obtained ) c) BCA Hall of Abyss edition (with 10% chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished) and d) BCA Biolabs edition which contains all the MVP cards from Bio basement and Bio 3 (with 5% chance of being obtained after every cedi run finished). for daily reward after 2 hours of being online - perhaps instead of giving the players a randomly generated number of cedi points on a certain day (24/31), maybe a random number of wares (from 1 to 8 pcs) from tier D shall be given. No ware shall exceed 8 from tier D and no wares from other tiers. for Marvin card - I wonder if it would be possible for the card asked for to be changed every hour instead of 2 hours. The reason behind is that there are so many cards from OCA, MCA, and BCA altogether and sometimes the same card gets to be asked for by Marvin twice in a week or so. for other cards - I hope that some cards which aren't being asked for by Marvin get called too (i.e. indicolite, onyx, implosion, wakwak, miming etc.), and as for those cards that are non-existent be removed (i.e. cards from renewal such as dark priest etc) Those are all the things I would like to suggest for the improvement of the cedi MVP system. I would love to see what new things the admins and GMs will put up regardless whether or not these suggestions of mine would be considered or no. I just hope everyone else gets to enjoy playing. 😊
  3. Herro my fellow pros. Cedi is by now a pretty old system, and even the Orb addition became pretty old by now. So I was thinking of how we maybe can improve it. My thoughts brought me to some Renewal mechanic, probably most people know here if they ever played a 3rd Job Server: Temporal Boots enchant. First, for those who don't know: What is Temporal boots? Temporal Boots are a item that can be obtained by doing the Old Glastheim instance. To keep it short (if you curious about the topic, here is the iRO link), basically you get the Boots, you refine them to +7. Then you can upgrade them to one of the 6 Base Stats. You can then Slot the boots, which has a chance of failure and bring you back to the blank boots. As final you can enchant the the Boots with the first enchant (random but can be reset and retried), and the second enchant (which is random but CAN'T be reset). Now you probably wonder, why the f**k did I told you guys that story. Well right now in Rro, and with Cedi in general, we kinda have the problem that the system is stagnating. What do I mean by that? You see, in our Enchant and Refine system there is less to no failure. You can Refine with blessings and all is save, you can slot cedi orbs and all is save. Basically the whole Cedi system is dead to you if you got all the Equipment on +10 and Orb-ed, if you don't plan on selling bulks or hope on gettin' a better Orb. How does that connect to Temporal Boots? My idea was, how about we add a similar system as the Temporal Boots. *NOTE: Since Temporal Boots Enchants go onto the 3rd and 4th socket, I dunno how to add that with our Orbs. Might need some help on that how technically possible it is. *NOTE2: Those numbers are just suggestion, not the "you must do it like that". Lets take it on an example: Enchanting a Calig Cloak. I would says, we can keep that system with refine it +7, then you can start the Enchants. We gonna enchant the Calig with Water Resistance. The Enchant can have 4 possible outcomes: +5%; +7%; +10% and Failure. (Failure meaning, it will not break (?) but go back to +0) Which enchant you will get is random. If you get a +5% Water but you wanted +10%, you would need to collect all items again and try again. To do this we need to collect items, I thought of some farmable stuff that everyone can collect and Orbs: 50 Water2 Orbs (idk) 100 Ice Scale (idk??) 200 Crystal Blue ofc some Zeny (god knows we love our Zeny sinks) This is still just a brain storming but I also thought of maybe similar Enchants, for all Base Elements, and the 6 Base Stats. Armors maybe could possibly get an Elemental Enchant (if that doesn't make some things too OP). I also had said make the Wings Enchant-able too, currently I am not sure if the GO set should be involved in this too, since that might get too OP. Pros of this whole madness: Cedi items will be again in demand, right now all older people have what they need useless Cedi Orbs will finally have a usage, beside catching dust in the storage High number of Orbs in the enchant means you need to run more Cedi: means you need more Marvin Cards as well: thus OCA farmer benefit Adding random (but still sort of related) items to the enchants materials gives other players to farm them and sell them: opening another market Well that's it for now, probably add more if I get more in my mind. Feel free to share your thoughts on it! :3 Kthxbai.
  4. Since quit a few people keep bringing up that issue in main and are too lazy to make it a proper topic, I decided to make this post. The issue: Cedi items can only be refined when bound to the character. The desired change: make them refineable with our bound. Due to the refine UI update a short period if time allowed that. But it was considered a bug and got removed. I personally don't see a problem with making the items refineable without bound. Pros: Cedi runners say no one buys unrefined, so their market might be more profitable. Easier to obtain high refines if your luck sucks (?). Cons: Tho it might be it makes the market easier for long time runners, people who can't afford refine them could get handicapped if they still want to sell their +0 items. Someone told me for the cons, it will end in a monopolized mess. (note from me: well you can't stop that quit frankly, someone will always be on top) Feel free to add more to the pros and cons. kthxbai.
  5. Hello again. This time around I wanted to discuss the NPC that would be of great help for players - Chaffeur. With the absence of guild towns in this server, this NPC is also non-existent. However, it would be great if there is a chaffeur NPC. If there would be a chaffeur NPC, I would like to suggest that it would be placed in Eden Group so that everyone can access it and warp to certain maps that take too long for us to walk towards to like: The Artistry and Crafting NPCs Cedi Tapes, Byalan 5 Watery Lair, Odin Beacon Sealed Shrine RDC Endless Tower and maybe toward HoA Cat Hand Agents I hope this one will be considered
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