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  1. Herro my fellow pros. Cedi is by now a pretty old system, and even the Orb addition became pretty old by now. So I was thinking of how we maybe can improve it. My thoughts brought me to some Renewal mechanic, probably most people know here if they ever played a 3rd Job Server: Temporal Boots enchant. First, for those who don't know: What is Temporal boots? Temporal Boots are a item that can be obtained by doing the Old Glastheim instance. To keep it short (if you curious about the topic, here is the iRO link), basically you get the Boots, you refine them to +7. Then you can upgrade them to one of the 6 Base Stats. You can then Slot the boots, which has a chance of failure and bring you back to the blank boots. As final you can enchant the the Boots with the first enchant (random but can be reset and retried), and the second enchant (which is random but CAN'T be reset). Now you probably wonder, why the f**k did I told you guys that story. Well right now in Rro, and with Cedi in general, we kinda have the problem that the system is stagnating. What do I mean by that? You see, in our Enchant and Refine system there is less to no failure. You can Refine with blessings and all is save, you can slot cedi orbs and all is save. Basically the whole Cedi system is dead to you if you got all the Equipment on +10 and Orb-ed, if you don't plan on selling bulks or hope on gettin' a better Orb. How does that connect to Temporal Boots? My idea was, how about we add a similar system as the Temporal Boots. *NOTE: Since Temporal Boots Enchants go onto the 3rd and 4th socket, I dunno how to add that with our Orbs. Might need some help on that how technically possible it is. *NOTE2: Those numbers are just suggestion, not the "you must do it like that". Lets take it on an example: Enchanting a Calig Cloak. I would says, we can keep that system with refine it +7, then you can start the Enchants. We gonna enchant the Calig with Water Resistance. The Enchant can have 4 possible outcomes: +5%; +7%; +10% and Failure. (Failure meaning, it will not break (?) but go back to +0) Which enchant you will get is random. If you get a +5% Water but you wanted +10%, you would need to collect all items again and try again. To do this we need to collect items, I thought of some farmable stuff that everyone can collect and Orbs: 50 Water2 Orbs (idk) 100 Ice Scale (idk??) 200 Crystal Blue ofc some Zeny (god knows we love our Zeny sinks) This is still just a brain storming but I also thought of maybe similar Enchants, for all Base Elements, and the 6 Base Stats. Armors maybe could possibly get an Elemental Enchant (if that doesn't make some things too OP). I also had said make the Wings Enchant-able too, currently I am not sure if the GO set should be involved in this too, since that might get too OP. Pros of this whole madness: Cedi items will be again in demand, right now all older people have what they need useless Cedi Orbs will finally have a usage, beside catching dust in the storage High number of Orbs in the enchant means you need to run more Cedi: means you need more Marvin Cards as well: thus OCA farmer benefit Adding random (but still sort of related) items to the enchants materials gives other players to farm them and sell them: opening another market Well that's it for now, probably add more if I get more in my mind. Feel free to share your thoughts on it! :3 Kthxbai.
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