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  1. First of all For a HL Priest Soul Link is Essential Since it Increases The DMG but also the SP usage ( SL Skill Priest Spirit: Imbues Priests with Spirit State: Holy Light damage and SP cost multiplied by 5) So its Either you use an Alt which is a Soul linker or have a best buddy who is one, OR you will need Fable Silk (ID 52442) This Guide is a FULL DMG type so barely resists elements. CHEAP~ Upper: RDC Helm INT,DEX VIT/LUK - 4 Rata Cards Chubby Bunny - 1 Rata Card Mid: Fable Silk - Marduk Card (Check the note up there ^) Novice Wings - Marduk Card, Rata Card Lower: Black or Orange Tie - Pharaoh Card Armor: Great Old Hauberk Reset Girls Robe (farmed From HoA) Shield: Valk Shield or any other Shield Shoes: For PvP: Any Kind of Shoe's with a Slot will do it here - Fallen Bishop Card For PvE: Great old Shoes Alternative > Tenebrous Boots Cloak: Great Old Cloak Valk Manteau - Nobby The Novice Card (might need a decent refine) Accessory: 2 Resplendent Ring -Cookie card 2 Asomatous Ring -Cookie card (if done RDC) Weapons: Rod (4)- 4 Aenbharr Cards Fine Rod ~ High Dmg and Status casts Heart Rod ~ High Dmg and Ignores Elemental Resistance (you just want it cos of High Dmg) Solid Rod ~ Decent DMG and a good time to Include THE PD Type Darkwood Rod > your DMG won't be High but you gain a 3x3 Area + Pushback ( YOU CAN'T BE LINKED) EXPENSIVE Build~ Upper: Magic pvp Helm from Magic PVP Lucky Box - Strongman Hair (RED) - Dark Wiz/Magician hat or any other Magic Upper - Magitech upper - Newest Item > Mitra (allows you to get Judex) you might Ditch HL then ~Cards > 4x Rata or anything to your liking (Resists maybe?) Mid: - Any Mid of the Donor Shop will do - Magitech Mobile Pursuit (25+stats, 15% Matk increase, Curse Immune) ~ Cards > 3x Gemini 1x Mistress > Marduk, Orc Hero, Gemini Lower: - Any of the Balloon Donations (if you go for 3 Gemini) - Blue Tie - Magitech lower ~ Cards > Maya Purple > Rata > Pharaoh <<< you will need it if you spam Armor: Great Old Hauberk Reset Girls Robe (1) ~ Cards > Poring Priest > Nidhogg Shadow > Entweihen Crothen Shield: Bible of Promise (2nd Vol.) ~ Celia Alde Card (ODIN'S POWER ROCKS) +10 Shell of the Sewer Bug King ( Reduces Reflected dmg 20%) Shoes: +10 Elvira Boots Antique Shoe ~ Cards > For PvP Fallen Bishop Card (if you don't like to get hit by Reflect Sewer Bug King Card) > For PvE GEC Cloak: Great Old Cloak +10 Valk Manteau - Nobby The Novice Card (might need a decent refine) Accessory: 2x Ring Des Nibelungen - Cookie Cards 1x Resple 1x Ring Des - Cookie cards Weapons: Undead Rune Stick - RSX Pii, 2x Puff card Aaron's Rod - RSX Pii, 2x Puff card CHECK THE CHEAP ONES they are Good Too! Mentionable Cards > Stalwart Sentinel Card 3% more Dmg With holy (you will learn Holy Cross Lvl 3) > Ancient Tree Card (if you gonna Lvl with this build) PRAISE CHICKY!!!! If you read that far, here are also my Stats: the Stats are Balanced to be a Hybrid Build and have been used for 5 Years Str 84, Agi 157, Vit 80, Int 255, Dex 110, Luk 88
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