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Found 4 results

  1. nesthzeru


    Hi, On step 14 of the Kiel Hyre quest, after activating the level, I do get the popup message upon stepping onto the hidden passage, but am not ported onto the next map. I am playing on PC, european Loki server.
  2. Good morning/night all, I would like to report about my problem during doing quest fluffy. The link for this quest is https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Shadow_of_the_Raven. I can't do the next requirement becouse got blank on NPC Sporus on that stage. I have been waiting for 8hour to talk with sporus. It still got blank when talk to him. Please fix it GM. For your refference below are the stage I not pass. Sporus informs you that they will need some time to think about it. You must now wait about at least 2.6 hours, and at most 3.2 hours. Step 6:After waiting how ever long you need to wait, Sporus will decide to intercept the queen. He requests you meet him by the secret entrance in Glastheim (P).
  3. I found a fairly huge issue with The Sign quest. The time frames for completion of certain parts are NOT friendly for NA players. I get that the server is catering more toward SEA players. It would be really nice to expand the time frames (or even remove them) so that NA players can finish the quest too. If it's impossible to do, would it be possible to get GM assistance to complete and move forward with the quest for NA players? The 2h time frame is really killer to try to fit in for NA players. Another thing.. The dance portion.. I think if it's possible, the time between moves or move sets should be lengthened. I had to get my nephew to complete it for me. I think I was unable to do it for two reasons, both of which can easily apply to others. The first, lag. I'm from Canada and regularly experience lag. It isn't unplayable but it does make certain things difficult. Second, I'm disabled (legally disabled). Rheumatoid arthritis. My hands don't work well half the time. I don't know if anyone has tried it on mobile yet, but I imagine that it could be a problem for mobile players too. I know it can be tricky for players who are well and don't have lag. I did it on officials years ago. Please consider it.
  4. Quest Guides One stop to find all you need to know about how to complete Quests and their prerequisites.Will be keep updating it as the game progresses and new Quests are implemented. Biolab-4 Guide Part-1 Before you can even think of farming at biolab-4 or even entering it there are some prerequisites you need to complete before you can even venture into it.Here im gonna show you how its done in simple steps. 1.) 2.)Now talk to Jameson who is located in the slums ( 296 287),And choose the second option "Yes,I am".He will ask you "What?How much did you hear,Tell me!?Just answer"Everything" He will ask you to find some npcs who know whereabouts of wolfchev you need to locate them for him. 3.)The very first Npc that your gonna talk to is David(315 248) upstairs,He is not that difficult to find he is just located above the Npc Beggar,When speaking to Davide just answer "Yes" to the first question.He would say he aint seen wolfchev so now just move on to the next Npc. 4.)Ronan is located at coordinates(330 224)as usual answer the first question as "Yes"He would say he cant remember that he have seen wolfchev.Reply "Would money help you remember?"Then pay him 100z.You can talk to him as much as you want and he will take 100z from you everytime you do,So now find the last Npc. 5.)You can find a old lady named Melinda(353 303)up the cliff,Just answer "Yes".She would say she havent seen wolfchev. 6.)No sure if the Npcs are random or its only the second Npc you need to talk to,Its better if you talk to all. 7.)Now go back to lighthalzen at Coordinates(78 303)You will find a bubble popping out like "???"When clicked choose"Take a peek at it"then continue to "Read on"then"One more page"for some additional information. 8.)Now take the book back to Jameson in the slums,Say "I found a Journal"Here ends the first part.
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