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Found 1 result

  1. Skyfire

    Skill ups

    I would like to suggest if feasible, that maybe we could increase a little bit the damage modifier or an additional effect for some skills that are forgotten or rarely used to turn the tides in pvp and woe. example of this is the two handed skills like parry, counter, head crush, joint beat, spear stab of LK, intimidate, backstab, of stalkers, Throwing and slash skills of ninja, mammonite skill of BS, soulstrike, thunderstorm, sighttrasher of Wiz, blitz beat, mines and traps of sniper, envenom, throw knife and other poison skills such as venom splasher of sinx, Holy cross, grand cross, shield charge of paladins, throw spirit sphere also if it can be possible to bring back the graphics during asura like what chen do in bio4. I hope some of this will happen in the future. Regards