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Found 3 results

  1. iAbyss

    Buy & Sell

    Hi there, for the time being there really isnt much things that i want to buy so ill just make a short list, some may come with price some i would prefer to be offered a price instead. Feel free to negotiate. Buying List White Herbs at 400z each( I will literally buy all you have) +0~10 Bat Teeth Katar- offer 3x Gemini-offer +7 Gator set including hat Aunoe Card V.Vest Selling List Dragon Cocktail Drop me a comment or direct pm me on forums, I will add an ign here once i decide my main...=)
  2. Hello. Welcome to my buy and sell page! Direct message me on forums for fast response. IGN: Kim Soul | Dark Sniper | Angel Kim Updated 2nd July 2018 Buying +5 Sapphire Ring - 20m each. Need 2 pieces. Kris [0] with +10 DEF or above. PM me on forums for the price. Selling Oridecon ~~~ 30k each [Got 1,000 pcs] Elunium ~~~ 10k each [Got 16,000 pcs] Yggberry Voucher ~~~ 2m each [Got 60 pcs] Yggdrasil Seed ~~~ 15k each [Got 700 pcs] Tiger Skin ~~~ 50k each [Got 900 pcs] Mother's Nightmare ~~~ 1m each [Got 33 pcs] Kris [ Wiki Link ] +6 DEF Kris ~~~ 1 coin each +12 Crit Kris ~~~ 1 coin CEDI Loots Pragmatist's Mail ~~~ 30m zeny aech Antiquated Shield ~~~ 30m zeny each Resplendent Ring ~~~ 30m zeny each
  3. Selling:- Weapons:- 1) 10+ Aztoe Nail c/o 240c Armours:- 2)10+Vvest c/o 60c[Sold] 3)10+Aebecee's'Raging Typhoon Armor[1] [Sold] 1more left in stock mail me Costumes:- 1)Costume:Panda Hood Box-15mill[Sold] 2)Costume:Purified Wings Box-15mill[Sold] 3)Costume:Priest Doll Box-10mill[Sold] 4)Costume:Fire Works Box-20mill 5)Costume:Arc Angeling Rucksack Box-10mill[Sold] 6)Costume:Black Blinker Box-15mill[Sold] 7)Costume:Snow Cap Box-30mill[Sold] 8)Costume:Meteor Storm(Red)Permanent-10c[Sold] Premium Points:- 50mill each[Out of Stock] Buying: 1)10+Gator Set-1c each piece.[Brought] 2)A Costume Which looks like this[Brought] 3)10+Kontei[2] 5c Mail IGN @Tommy
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