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Found 2 results

  1. Rjoe

    Useful Suggestions

    1. No limit for @alootid command. I don't see how this would be bad. The 10 item limit is inconvenient when farming on certain maps. 2. Make a @restock command. Very useful and compatible with the command "@storeall 2". Helps farmers a lot. 3. No limit to typing the same word/phrase again and again. "You can't type the same word/phrase more than 3 times." This will make #trade more convenient and also with the commands @storage, @gstorage and similar situations. This will not encourage spamming in chat because if they are really eager to spam, they would just add/delete a character to continue spamming. I hope you can make this happen. More power to Revival!
  2. Tomson

    Suggestion Thread

    Well suggest something adequate and more transparent to improve the gameplay of our new server.Use this as a medium to apprise between both Admins as well as the GMs.