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Found 1 result

  1. gcq

    Zotar Madness Corp

    Time for some ranting again ~yey This time it will be about the new replacement for the web storage in cedi, the Zotar NPC. For those who are not familiar what this is about. In old rro, if your inventory was full (100/100) cedi loots gone into webstorage. Since we don't have the webstorage here anymore, they replaced that with the Zpotar Corp NPC: This more the less lovely guy takes care of your loots. As nice and dandy this all sounds at first sight, so it has some major issues. First, it takes ages to click through that NPC to get your loot out of it. Item in the list won't stack so if you have like 5 Kaizel Pots, 4 OCA, 3 MCA, they will take up a line one by one. Second, if you get a lot loot (which isn't that hard even if you just run one set cedi), it won't show you the whole itemlist. You need to take out items so it keeps adding up the list. Some suggestion, idk how possible that is with the system and all to improve that: - Make him work like a Kafra maybe? If you click him the items show up like in a storage - Make the items stack that can stack (Kaizel Pots, OCA, MCA etc) - Add a "take all" option to the menu
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