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[2019-04-27] Spring Sale and Double Donor Box

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Greetings Everyone,

Spring is finally here, and it's time to clean up our warehouses for a little bit before the new stuff gets in! :) so let's clean it up with few sales!

We're having a special sale until 29th of April 23:59, this includes DOUBLE DONOR BOX, 3 New Spring Items and a whole lot of sales on other items.

The sales will be accessible from the usual special sales room which accessible from Prontera central area. 

1- New Headgear

Husky Hat [4] (Upper Headgear) 3000 Premium Points


All stat +20
Flee +110
Perfect dodge +5
If base agi more than 250:
Resistance to Earth and Wind property +15%
Enable to use level 5 of Hiding.
Enable to use level 3 of Cloaking.
Add the chance of casting level 3 or higher cloaking on the user when receiving Physical Damage.

Butterfly Ears [3] (Middle Headgear) 3000 Premium Points


All stat +20
Immune to Blind status
Increase Non-Skill attack range by 2 cells. This work only if the weapon's range is 1.
Has 15% chance of guided attack.
Neutral element damage +5%
Adds 5% chance to drain 5% of your enemy's SP when attacking.
Movement speed -10%

Manteau of Reckoning [1] (Lower Headgear) 2500 Premium Points


All stat +5
Atk +10%
Matk +10%
Chance to cast Lex Aeterna on enemy when attacking or magical attacking.

2- Sales List

Name Sale price Original price  
Husky Hat 3000 pp / pp only
Butterfly Ears 3000 pp / pp only
Manteau of Reckoning 2500 pp / pp only
Costumer voucher 500pp 1000pp pp only
Diamond Heart 2500pp 2500pp pp only
Guardian Ninja 3000pp 3000pp pp only
Rainbow Nyan 3000pp 3000pp pp only
Green Bubble Pop 2000pp 2500pp pp only
Flaming Wings 2000pp 2000pp pp only
Fire Spirit 2000pp 2000pp pp only
Box'o'Cuddles 400pp / pp only
Heavenly Ribbon 1500pp 2000pp  
Heaven's Glow 1500pp 2000p  
Panda Rucksack 2000pp 2000pp  
Floppy Bunny 1500pp 2000pp  
Stuffed Panda 1500pp 2000pp  
Name Sale price Original price
Royal guard clothes 700pp 1150pp
Genetic clothes 700pp 1150pp
Warlock clothes 700pp 1150pp
Guillotine clothes 700pp 1150pp
Wanderer clothes 700pp 1150pp
Minstrel clothes 700pp 1150pp
Shadow Chaser clothes 700pp 1150pp
Ranger clothes 700pp 1150pp
Kagerou/Oboro clothes 700pp 1150pp
Rune Knight clothes 700pp 1150pp
Sorcerer clothes 700pp 1150pp
Sura clothes 700pp 1150pp
Costume Essence of Spring 1000pp 1250pp
Costume Ljosalfar 1000pp 1250pp
Angra Manyu 500pp 1000pp
Ahura Mazda 500pp 1000pp
SRT Box 350pp 500pp
Gym Pass 50pp 100pp
Enriched Elunium Box 50pp 100pp
Enriched Oridecon Box 50pp 100pp


Name Sale price Original price
Valhalla Glory 1500pp 2000pp
Black Butterfly Hairbow 1500pp 2000pp
Holy Helmet 1500pp 2000pp
Sakura Wings 1500pp 2000pp
Metalic Wings 1500pp 2000pp
Poring Party 3000pp 6000pp
Vagabond Scarf 1500pp 2000pp
Bat Scarf 1500pp 2000pp
Strongman Hair (red) 1500pp 2000pp
Strongman Hair (white) 1500pp 2000pp
Elegant Wings 1500pp 2000pp
Amistr's Beret 2000pp 2000pp


Name Sale price Original price
Bubblegum Box 300pp 500pp
Pearl bag (10) 750pp 950pp
Pearl bag (50) 3750pp 4500pp
Max Level Ticket 5000pp 7000pp
Max Status Ticket 3500pp 5000pp
Sturdy Mining Pick Axe 300pp 500pp
VIP Sub (30 days) 750pp 1000pp
Cart Decorate set 75pp 150pp
Character Swapper Scroll 40pp 80pp
Character Renamer Scroll 300pp 450pp
(p) Assassin Cross Card 750pp 1000pp
(p) High Priest Card 750pp 1000pp
(p) High Wizard Card 750pp 1000pp
(p) Lord Knight Card 750pp 1000pp
(p) Sniper Card 750pp 1000pp
(p) Whitesmith Card 750pp 1000pp

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