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[2019-04-27] Hot patch, Important notice regards WoE Coins and Return of Android Version

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Greetings Everyone,

During this maintenance we've done the following

1- Important notes

  • We're currently looking into the cases of WoE coins being not sent to few players, we will update you soon on this and we will make sure if there's any missing WoE Coins that it will be sent.
  • Android client is finally back, it's still an unsupported platform and in beta state however for more information please check

2- Cash shop

  • Spring sales is here, double donor box, new items and sale on variety of items, for more information please check

2- Fixes

  • We've applied a fix that should let guild storage work as expected again.
  • Fixed a script issue in Unicorn Helm and Diamond Blue, both shall work as expected now.
  • Magitech Set, Royal Set and Valentine's exclusive cash shop items shall no longer work in non-donate zone.
  • Magitech set shall now give the demi-human bonus correctly
  • Miracle Blue rose shall now give the bonus correctly, +10 all status.
  • Billy button and Clip-on Fringe is no longer refineable
  • Orleans's Gown shall now be wearable by all jobs

Good luck & Have fun in RevivalRO

RevivalRO administration

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