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[Maintenance Notes] 2018-02-03

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During this maintenance we've dispatched the monthly donor rewards, feel free to start claiming it; we also done the following!

NPC Changes

  • Lucky Boxer is back at prontera 142 228
  • Loyal Player NPC is back at Geffen, claimable up to 5 year of rewards. (5th year being effective after 15th Febuary 2018)
  • Loyal Player NPC now gives the correct rewards for 4th and 5th year
  • Added a Repair NPC inside the MVP room.
  • Bacon NPC no longer has any delay when you trade in bacons. All items should be listed instantly.
  • Utan Kid should be fixed and no longer jail players if they fail the macro check.
  • Fix the issue with costumer not returning certain headgears when traded in with not enough points.
  • Fixed issue where costumer may accept non-headgear items and replaces it with wrong items
  • Monthly Premium Reward gives Bloody Card Album as base reward instead of Premium Costume Box

Item Fix

  • Cursed water should display the correct buff element and timers.
  • Ahura Mazdah and Angra Manyu is now un-breakable.
  • Costume: Falling Money is now un-tradable.
  • Jazz-Ring Now gives 9% more ASPD and -9% After delay cast (5th year loyalty reward)

System Fix

  • Fix server not announcing when player acquires the below MVP cards:
    • IBPC MVPs
    • HOA MVPs
  • Fix possible cheat ways in Zombie Ate My Novice event!

Content Changes
Itty Bitty Poring City

  • All the poring MVPs have their own individual separate spawn timers now. Meaning all 7 poring MVPs can spawn at one time.
  • Their respawn timer starts on the death of each MVP itself, has no link with other MVPs in the map.
  • All MVPs should be spawning randomly in the map without a fixed area location.

Biolab 4th Floor

  • Breaking the Seal quest requirement to unlock Biolab4 is lowered to 50 times from 250.
  • Donation pool limit for antiques increased: Zeny Limit to 25000 Million and Credits to 50000 premium Points. (Limited Premium Points won’t be usable)
  • Constable Nobber now shows the current amount of donations from the max limit.
  • Chief Constable Charles only starts receiving donations when Biolab4 is opened and stop when biolab4 closes.
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