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Trick or Treat - Halloween 2023

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Halloween Event 2023 -Trick or Treat!


This is a trick-or-treating event where players can talk to various NPCs to get candies which can be traded in for prizes. The various NPCs are scattered around Niflheim (@go 13) and its 2 adjacent fields. This event will last until December 10, 2023 at 11:59 PM server time.

How to Participate

Note: A player can use maximum of 5 accounts only, including the "main" account. Anyone caught using more than the allowed number of accounts will be punished.

First, warp to Niflheim (@go 13). Somewhere on the map is a Pumpkinring monster. It looks like a poring shaped pumpkin. It moves around the whole town nonstop, so the first challenge will be to actually find out where it is.

After speaking to it, it will give you a Scary Costume item. The Scary Costume expires at midnight game time. When it expires, just talk to the Pumpkinring to get a new one (Make sure you have no Halloween Candy in your inventory to be able to receive Scary Costume).

After you have obtained your costume, you may start trick-or-treating the other NPCs. There are 24 NPCs named "Halloween" and 24 named "Grumpy". They look like various Halloween monsters (Example: Halloween Quve, Grumpy Loli Ruri). Find the 24 "Halloween _____" monsters that have been scattered around Niflheim  and its 2 fields. When you find one, say "Trick or Treat!" in public chat.

The NPCs will either Trick you, or Treat you. If you are tricked, you will get various negative effects (Mute, BlindPoison, etc). If you are treated, you will get various treats (1-3 Halloween CandyBaby Boo Sack, etc). You may only Trick or Treat each NPC once per day per account

When you have finished trick-or-treating the 24 NPCs, you can trade you Halloween Candy to the Pumpkinring from before to obtain various prizes. 10 Halloween Candy allow you to get a Baby Boo Sack, while 25 Halloween Candy allow you to obtain a Jack o' Lantern Sack. 


* * * N E W C O S T U M E S ***


Upper Halloween.png

Costume: Darkness Helm (Upper)



Costume: Pierrot's Face (Upper and Lower) - bounded


Black Cat bag.png

Costume: Black Cat Bag (Garment) - bounded



Costume: Manananggal's Cursed Wings (Garment)





GM Team

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