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Our new transparent and enhanced bug tracker and suggestions tracker

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Greetings Everyone,

in our continues goal for more transparency and faster action towards player issues we're now releasing our brand new bug tracker and suggestions tracker, players will be able to view our GM and Developer actions towards are reports with no restriction except in confidential reports that used for abusable bugs and exploits to ensure none of those would spread to other players, not this only, players would be able to estimated milestones and estimated fix time throughout our milestone system in our bug tracker.

How to use our new bug tracker?

If you're planning on just exploring it you may just click here and look for the issues, However if you're planning on report new bugs or add suggestions please first register at gitlab by clicking here. It's very important to keep in mind that you can report issues or just suggestions/feedback and ideas through the same tracker!

How to keep track of current development or Game Master responses?

You can keep track of those by checking your issue at any time, all issues will have labels assigned to it by Game Master or Developers, those labels indicate what the issue currently affecting, the current status of review, if the issue invalid or valid, etc

Also you can check our milestones by clicking here each milestone is a specific maintenance date, developers will assign issues to each milestone as they see appropriate and this will give you a rough timing of when a specific issue will be fixed!

How about confidential issues, like exploits and/or things that can be abused if known by other players? after all it's public tracker and everyone can see it!

Be assured, we have something called confidential issues, those issues are only visible to the issue sender, GMs and Developers and no one else can see it!

To set an issue as confidential check the following box before you send a new issue


and then it will only be visible to GMs, Developers and yourself!


We hope you like this new update, we aim for more transparent and professional service for our beloved players and we will keep taking more measures towards this!

RevivalRO Management,

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Sorry for the inconvenience of this issue, i will take this to our tracker to be fixed as soon as possible 💖
To be clear about this **Forge** you are talking about Metalworking correct? If not, kindly give the correct name of the NPC with your reply to this thread

If you can provide me the following details, it would greatly help us find the cause of this bug:

- Phone model and Android Version:
- Using WiFi or Cellular network
- Country of connection:
- Full download or lite download:

Thank you for your report and cooperation!  ~ @[email protected]


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