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[2019-09-05] Maintenance

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Greetings Everyone,

this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-05 Maintenance), in which it was 78% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here.

in this milestone 15 issue was completed, 2 was moved due to deadline and 2 was moved due to incorrect assignment.

The following issues was moved to 2019-09-12 Milestone instead:

  1. Issue #36 was moved due to time limit (deadline)
  2. issue #11 was moved due to time limit (deadline)
  3. issue #24 was moved due to incorrect assignment
  4. issue #48 was moved due to incorrect assignment (Confidential)

The detailed change long is as the following:


  • Homunculus AI is now supposed to work as intended this might also cause some slowdown during client closing (issue#41)
  • All costumes in storage shall now appear in costumes tab (issue #57)


  • Kraken Lair's treasure chest will now send items to Zotar if inventory is full, also this fixed possible issue in Cedi Tier A which might cause the items to never be delivered (issue#5 Confidential)
  • Cash shop would no longer turn Premium Points into Limited Premium Points when inventory is full, instead it will just fail without deducting points (issue#8 Confidential)
  • Homunculus ASPD formula has been fixed and would no longer cause ASPD to go 0 (issue#12)
  • Several issues in Skill Twilight Alchemy VI quest has been fixed and it should no longer disappear on relog (issue#13)
  • RDC Officer would no longer eat hats and sprite should show correct now (issue#15)
  • Headgears mentioned in issue#16 should now have a costume version
  • Items in issue#17 should now have their descriptions or names corrected
  • RODEX item retrieval and zeny retrieval shall now not work in event maps (issue#21 Confidential)
  • Ukulele New Oz and Ring New Oz Wing shall no longer penetrate stone immunity (issue#34)
  • Primordial Set now should give DEF as expected (issue#35)
  • Blank Eyes shall now not crash the client on custom hairstyles (issue#51 Confidential)
  • Item usage during storage opening is now no longer possible (issue#55)
  • God Items quest shall now give the correct God Items instead of the old ones (issue#56)

Note about RDC Helm: the bug is fixed but RDC Helms made when the NPC was bugged won't show the sprite. If you want you can sign up at Helpdesk to get the items replaced.

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On 9/6/2019 at 5:47 PM, Arta Wibawa said:

I just got these on andro, what is going on?? Last night it was fine.



I first apologize for late reply, we're in contact with the android developer but he is slow as usual, we will update you on the coming maintenance notes if anything is updated.

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