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[2019-09-15] Maintenance

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Greetings Everyone,

this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-12 Maintenance), in which it was 66% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here.

in this milestone 18 issue was completed, 2 was moved due to deadline and 2 was moved due to incorrect assignment.

The following issues was moved to 2019-09-19 Milestone instead:

  1. Issue #59 was moved due to time limit (deadline)
  2. issue #30 was moved due to time limit (deadline)
  3. issue #29 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Partially fixed)
  4. issue #26 was moved due to time limit (deadline) (Possibly fixed by the fix for issue #48)
  5. issue #20 was moved due to time limit (deadline)
  6. issue #11 was moved due to time limit (deadline)

The detailed change long is as the following:


  • Fixed a bug in steal skill which would turn it abusable and possibly steal any rare item at 100% rate (#48 Confidential)
  • Chaser of the sun quest shall now have weight checks before deliver it's rewards (#40)
  • Adding missing enchants to Traditional weapon quest keris enchants (#38)
  • Fixed several pets issues, refer to the issue #37 to know more
  • Fonts now would show correctly to the player (#36)
  • The return of fluffy instance should now work as intended (#28)
  • Added missing orbs to cedi refer to issue #27 for the full list
  • Support lucky box shall now show it's content (#24)
  • Cedi orb mirror shard shall no longer reflect on ranged attacks (#19)
  • FINALLY fishing in alberta and aldebaran works! (#10)

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