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Cheapest build for sniper

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Budget set would be Alligator Set at +7 minimum. Use One ring of flame lord, for upper you can use the Alligator helm or Drooping Amistr.

Black Death Aura is good if you can get, if not, for lower try to get https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Balloon_Lucky_Box costs 750 premium points though and put Orc Hero card.

In my experience just get an Alligator set +7 minimum and switch arrows depending on elemental weakness of MVP you are fighting. Composite Bow [4] with 4x Paper Card if you're too poor and simply left click the MVPs to death. Composite Bow [4] with 3x AK + TG if you farm a bit more.

I guess the main steps are:
Invest in Alligator Set +7 at least.
Get Composite Bow [4] with The Paper Cards as starting weapon. (You can farm The Paper Cards by doing https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Thief_Job_Change_Guide)

When you get farmed enough,

  • Get Large Angelwing (Red) - Middle headgear (can place Orc Hero here)
  • Invest in a Lower Headgear [1] with Orc Hero/Evil Snake Lord
  • Get Recondite Ring [1] with Ifrit Cards on both Accesories
  • Invest in better weapon (+10 Goblin Bow for example)

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Get Drooping Amistr (but use alligator hat until you can get it)

Large Red Wings

Froggy Ruck sack (from monster of the day)

+7 and above alligator set

I would use +10 Comp bow w/ AK cards and Paper card (those should be farmable) (later move to goblin bow)

two ring of flame lord and move up to recondite ring with Pokey, Hardened Anvil Card, (and later implosion card)


also if you can be active, go join a guild for guild pack and get premium headgears and equipments.

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