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gcq's (way too much) Frequently Asked Questions and you

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Herro Ladies and Gentlegays, after seeing the same questions coming up in Main Chat over and over again, I decided to start this little FAQ project.

If you have additions or questions I didn't covered (yet) here, feel free to suggest them.

====== HELPFUL SITES ======

RevRO Forums: https://community.ragnarevival.com/
RevRO Wiki: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Main_Page

official related content:
ratemyserver (rms): http://ratemyserver.net/
iRO Wiki: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Main_Page

And not to forget, google is your best friend.


Another mention: Reading helps. A lot.

Before you claim something is bugged or start asking questions, make sure you read everything. 90% of the problems can be (mostly) solved by just reading.


====== HELPFUL COMMANDS ======

@whereis (Monster name/ID) = Tells you where to find monsters

@whodrops (Item/ID) = Tells you the first 5 common monsters dropping an item (for more option check rms)

/where = Tells you your position on the map (also on which map you are)

@time = Tells you the current Server time

/navi [map] x/y (example /navi yuno 45/67) = shows you the way to the spot on the map with arrows

@playerstate [General/Elemental/Racial] (example @playerstate Racial Player) = shows you all kinds of resists you gain with your equipment

Other helpful commands can be found in this post made by Aka:


====== HELPFUL GUIDES ======


====== Character Related ======

  • What stats should I use?

Generally, you can say there be a "basic" set up of stats. With those you can't do much wrong generally (assuming a max Lvl). Adjustments can be done if desired.

150 DEX > Instant Cast

AGI till 196 ASPD

Depending on what you play:

255 STR > Melee Hitter (also increases Weight Limit)

255 INT > Magic Hitter / Healer

255 DEX > Range Attacker (DEX also increases HIT and helps on ASPD)

LUK > If you need PD or CRIT

VIT > If you need HP


  • My Account is empty with no characters, what happen to my stuff?

The old server (rebirthro) got hijacked by Ancyker, so Syphon made this new one here. Detailed information can be found here:

For past donator, there is a compensation:


  • What is the best class to start?

Generally, the best classes for farming (solo) are Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator or Sniper. If you got your hands on a perma Angra, basically every class can farm decently.
For more Party related content (example Cedi) is also helps to make supportive roles (or alts) like Priests, Professor or Performer to fill in roles that are needed in the group.


  • Are there any freebies?

When you log in the first time, a Maiden NPC provides you with rental sets to give you a easy start (Madness-Set; Angra for 30 days).


  • Where do I level?

Depends on your level mostly, but for characters around level 100+ Gramps, Bio Lab Basment and MVP Arena are good places.
A guide can be found here:


  • How do I change Job?

There is a Job Master in the center of Prontera. Make sure you got enough Job Levels to change your class (and also used all Skill Points).


  • How to get Zeny?

A nice guide for that can be found here:

As a short tl;dr: Loot everything you can get and resell it to the NPCs. Don't hesitate to be greedy, it's your main income.


  • Where do I claim my Daily Rewards?

Eden Daily Reward will be automatically put in your inventory after 2h log in time. You can have a day "off" in that daily log in, but after that you will be put back on day 1.


  • Champion: Why I can't cast Aura Strike????

Because you CAN'T READ:


(Seriously it's literally in the skill description, ==)


  • Star Gladiator: How to skill Union?

First, make sure you are job level 120, then minimize your Skill window. Then you can put the points on Union. Done!

All you need now is a Soul Link, and whop ~ Fly away time!



====== Za Warudo (The World) ======


  • How do I go to [x]?

For Towns we got the @go [town name/ number] command. You can type just @go to see the options you have. If you want to warp to a dungeon or field, you need to use Warpra/Kafra (she doesn't warp you directly to fields, but some dungeon exits can take you closer to your destination). Warpra can be found in every town (and some fields).


  • How do I go to dungeon [x]? I can't access it.

Some dungeons still require their access Quests. For example; Ayothaya Dungeon, Kiel Doll Factory or Dewata's Vulcano. Offical Content Quests can be found with a quick google search.
Some costume dungeons require quests too, like Nieve or Orc Village's dungeon. The Quests for these can be found in our Wiki.


  •  Where is NPC [x]?

Commonly used NPCs can be found in every town (Healer, Warpra, WoE Warper etc).
Stat Reset, MVP Arena, Rental NPC, Zotar can be found in Prontera (all around the central area of the town, don't be shy to walk around to find them).


  • How do I go to Ash Vaccum (new world)?

There two ways, you either do the quests.
or you use the Cat Hand Agent in Eden (next to the stairs). For some money he warps you there. You can freely access the maps left and right of Ash.


====== Gameplay Related ======

  • How to vote/claim vote points?

You can vote every 12h on the revRO website by loggin in. Your points can be traded in for items in the Eden Mall (@go Mall/16), north part of the map.

Nvm that. Vote Points got changed into Community Points.


  • How to obtain Cash Points?

Cash Points (Credits or c) can be obtained via donating or by buying them directly from players. 100 cash points (credits) are 1c (100 point coin).
The price of coins varies a lot, currently (End September '19) they on 80-85m.


  • How do I do Event XY/ How do I join Event XY?

Easiest way to answer that: READ THE PATCH NOTES. Big events most likely will ALWAYS be announced (Patch notes; Anything in the "announcement" channel in Discord, or the "News/Announcements/Events" Threads in Forums, I mean ... there is a reason they have THAT name.)

Instead of making poor people repeat the same answer 500000 times in mainchat, use your 5 braincells and show that you are an independent person, that can figure out the world by themselves. ;d



  • How to join RDC/Cedi?

RDC and Cedi are costume content of revRO. It is a mostly party based instance/quest in which you need to fulfill a task (RDC) or kill a MVP (Cedi). Lower Tiers of RDC can be done solo, the higher the Tier gets, the better other people become to join.
RDC: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Royal_Operations_Quest
Cedi: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System


  • What is Monster of the Day (MotD)?

MotD is a daily mini quest in which you can hunt a certain amount of a called Monster to gain Heroic Points, Pancakes and some Cedi points. Heroic Points and the current Monster can be checked on the sign in Prontera.
You can also pm NPC:Monster of the Day with any message to check the quest and accept it on the go.



  • Is there a Mall?

The Eden Mall can be found in @go Eden, top right portal (next to the destroyed wall) or by directly warping into it with @go Mall/16. There all kinds of NPC selling you useful items, or are related to other content like Mining Points, Event Points or Battlegrounds.


  • Where is the Monster [x]? Where do I find item [x]?

Non custome Monsters and items can be easily searched on rms.
Advanced searching can be done with the in game commands: @whereis [Monster name/id] (also useful for MotD) and @whodrops [item name/id]. Make sure you don't typo the names tho, or the game can't help you too.


  • Where do I find TAGRAS? Where can I use my HoA Points?

An updated Wiki article about TAGRAS can be found here: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/TAGRAS_Catalogue

It also includes a reference to Hall of Abyss and Bellum/Siege.


  • What Items/Gears should I get? There so many.

In general, it is good to get Artistry items like Alligator Set from Tailoring, you can make them yourself or just buy them from other players.
Artistry: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System

Also useful are some costume quest items, especially the Amistr Hat. The hat isn't tradable, but the items to make it are.

For starters and casual gameplay are Cedi items good. Great Old set, or the lower tier items and the Wings.

Depending on your needs, Event Headgears are also nice options and mostly easy to get (when the event is on going or after it in Event Shop in the Mall).

For Endgame it's best to get some of the cash shop items, since they have over all better effects and stats.
If you are aiming for more PVP/WoE oriented gears, WoE Sets are good to get (but require you to actually WoE first)

Alternativly to that, you can farm Hall of Abyss and claim items from the TAGRAS.
Other more endgame related items be, Melanis items and Enchants or Fluffy Instance.


That might be all for now, I occasionally update this thread if there more questions that I forgot to add now.

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4 hours ago, KittyBoy said:

I'd say this one was a really much much much needed topic in our forum, for further audience to have easy access will pin this topic.


thanks a lot!

Haha no problem, tho need update it more frequently. lol


Also I thought of may be someone can translate it, to maybe tagalog or any other Asian language?

Since I feel like that's the biggest issue here, the language barrier.

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