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SinX Builds (katar type) Guide on stats and skill points

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Hi Guys,  Im actually new to the server tho I knew already RO but theres so many things that I need to learn when it comes on build,  so I would like to gather some suggestions to those folks outhere who usually use SinX. 


1. Does getting Katar Mastery max on its level affect if I will put points on Left/RightHand Mastery. I  just want to clarify if theres a changes if I will add some points on it. 


2. On this server what is the exact figure(numbers) of ASPD to achieve a good speed.  Including setting points on STR, AGI,  DEX (this is my build as of now)  do I need to put on Luk? 


3. What cards and runes is best for Sinx ? Using of Pantie(1) and undershirt(1) is still worth it. 


4. They said I must reach 196 Aspd,  now what if I reach that and use cards,  sets buffs and runes that gives extra ASPD does aspd stack?  Knowing I have alreadu 196 aspd.  


Thank you. 

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STR max, ASPD max (200 ithink) VIT 80 and the rest is LUK. DEX 1, well it different if you using premium (equipment/card)..

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