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Yummy's Mining Point Hunting Guide

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Yummy’s Mining Point Hunting Guide

Are you bored and in the mood for adventure? Does the sound of a game-wide treasure hunt make you curious? Or did you stumble upon an unknown object that looks like a Mineral and acts like a mineral but has a different name? Look no further, because this is the guide for you! This is a simple guide to Mining Points. You can also check out this wiki link: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Mining_Points. Happy hunting!

IGN: Yummy, Wafflewich, Breadsitx, Breadpan, etc.


What is a mining point?

A Mining Point (NPC) appears in dungeons all around the game.

When mined, a Mining point can either have a value of 1 or 2 points/tokens.

It looks like this:



Mining points look like Minerals, Don’t get confused!



Where can I find Mining Points?

It can appear in any dungeon but not in towns or fields or instances. It appears every ten minutes on Loki server. This means that for every 10 minutes there is a mining point spawned somewhere. Mining Points can spawn regardless of how many there are around the server. This means there can be multiple Mining Points in a single dungeon map. We adventurers must find them and get cool prizes!


How to farm/get Mining Point?

Mining Points are mined using a Mining Pickaxe. You can buy one at your local tool dealer or at the cash shop. When you have a Mining Pickaxe simply click the Mining Point and it will disappear and a text will appear saying that you have successfully mined the point. The Mining Pickaxe can be used multiple times as long as it does not break. If it does break, because those mining points can be hard to get, you can buy more or bring extras. You do not need to equip the Mining Pickaxe to obtain the point. You can also buy a Sturdy Mining Pickaxe from the cash shop.




Where can I spend my Mining Point?

You can use the points to buy from the Mining Point Shop located at the north side of the mall (@go16 / @go mall)

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What can I get from Mining Points?

You can get the following items from the Mining Point Shop:


Can I sell my Mining Point?

Some people try to sell mining point locations to others, be careful though! Some items obtained from mining points are tradable when they are not yet open. These you can sell. Make sure to read the description first!



Best jobs to use include the following, but you can really use any character you want.

High Priests – have the ability to teleport, can cast Increase Agility for faster walking. Kyrie Eleison is also convenient for avoiding mobs

Champions – can teleport and body relocate for faster hunting

Assassin Cross and Staker – for fast movement using back slide

Star Gladiator – can sprint and leap

Lord Knight - rides on a pecopeco for fast walking



Upper: Headgears that grant the use of teleport such as Valentine’s Topper, Gent Hat

             Headgears with additional movement speed like Pecopeco Headband

Middle: Mid headgear with increase movement speed such a Mini Love Clips, Valhalla Idol, Fluttering Butterflies, Decayed Hope

Lower: Messenger Bags from Hermes Holiday – to increase movement Speed

             Skeleton Rucksack and Bunny Rucksack

Foot gear: Slotted footgear such as Ebony Greaves, or Antique Footgear, with Moonlight Flower Card.


Accessories: Slotted accessory with Creamy Card for teleporting




Flywing – To teleport

Infinite Flywing – Obtained from mining points or pancakes, infinite use and storage-able for teleporting infinitely

Blue Potions - When using skills like backslide, body relocate, etc.

Others -  Coffee, a lot of free time, and patience




Figure 1 - The narrow winding map, it is better to roam the map than to teleport (using either fast walking characters or Backslide or Monk using Body Relocate). 

Suggested Job: Lord Knight, Monk (body relocate) or any fast walker


Figure 2 - The Random Jump-Walk, some maps are difficult to route and too irregular for Assassin’s backslide. On these maps, it is better to teleport then walk.  

Suggested Jobs: Priest/Monk with teleport or any character


Figure 3: These Maps are Made for Backsliding - this maps are straight with very minimal turns. Best for assassins to just backslide.

Suggested Job: Super Novice *wink* and Assassin

There are other map types and the strategies will be a combination of the ones stated above. The trick is to use a specific job for a specific map (Maximum coverage), or use a character you are really comfortable using and apply the strategies that best suits you.



For Mining Point hunting, the idea is to cover as much ground as possible in a short amount of time. This is why it's best to use characters that can move fast and can teleport. For smaller maps, you may plan out a route that lets you see the whole map so you don’t miss any corners. For larger maps, best to teleport around, but it is possible to miss Mining Points. If you are a  donor you may also use @jump to teleport around the map. It’s better to have a hunting buddy to pass the time, you can chat while looking for MPs or be competitive and see which one finds more points! Remember to enjoy the game!


Special thanks to my friends who helped in making this guide and to my mining point hunting buddy

Comments, suggestions, clarifications are welcome!

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