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Ghost Palace ... and you

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A bitter sweet memory

========== Ghost Palace ... and you ==========


Ghost Palace is a customized instance and part of the Dali update.


IGN: yandereQueen, g c q, Scilla, and many more


========== How to go there? ==========
Go to Eden (@go Eden) and you will see a giant hole in wall, take the portal in the end. You will be on the Dali map, Ghost Palace is on the far left (/navi dali 47/129).


========== The Instance ==========
Use the Dimensional Gate to warp into the instance.

NOTE: it is a solo instance, however the NPC wants you to be in a party. Just make one for yourself.
Another NOTE: You can use Premium items in the instance, however Angra and Ahura are not allowed.

Main goal is to collect Black as Night Pieces (in the shop called "Gray Shards"), which you can exchange for Thanatos Equipment and Gray Equipment. All of the monsters in the instance have a chance to drop those Gray Shards.
The shop (King NPC) of the instance is outside, you can check the effect of the gears anytime there, they have for the most part all similar effects.



========== Gears & Consumables ==========
Note: I am not a main Killer or Assassin Cross Player. However, so far the gears worked for me fine. If anyone maybe got better alternatives, let me know.


607.gif Yggdrasil Berry, 678.gif Poison Bottle, 12184.gif Reraise Potion, 14536.gif Abrasive, 12280.gif Sacred Scroll (self-Aspersio)
asc_edp.gif Enchant Deadly Poison (against the Redeemer)


========== Walk through ==========

Find Princess Tiara, she went missing in the battles.


Talk to the King in the first room, the story of the guard will start. But suddenly, Monsters attack! Cursed Soldier and Cursed Sentinels spawn, kill them. There are three waves of them, kill them all till a hidden passage opens.


Talk to the guard who is with the Princess. Again monsters will attack. Unrequited Love, Broken Mind and Cursed Sentinel spawn. One wave, kill them all. Another passage into the prison opens.


Talk to the king, he thinks his guard betrayed him. They leave and a unknown voice will start to talk. Cursed Friendship, Cursed Memory and Forgotten Vow will spawn. After one wave the passage opens. However, stay there as long as monster respawn. It's the main way to farm Gray Shards.


In the next room, kill the Unspoken Words and the Sweet Laughter. Once they are all killed, you find corpses all over the ground, and the Prince and guard talking. Talk to the guard.


Torturous Redeemer spawns, kill it. A secret passage opens, back to the prison.


You will find Princess Tiara and the Guard. Sweet Laughter, Fatal Memories and Forgotten Name spawn, kill them. After you killed two waves, the Redeemer spawns again, but stronger. Be prepared with Ygg Berries, once he zerks. Overall he shouldn't be much of a issue tho.


Once you killed it, Sakray appears.


The instance is over with the dialogue between the princess and the guard, you will receive Dali Shards and can exit the instance.


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