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SugarFree’s Guide to Calling Bishop Hibram (Solo Gunslinger)

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IGN: SugarFree, Mcflurry, Snapple

CALLING BISHOP HIBRAM is one of  the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 






Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest)

1 Operation Ticket on each party member





Your objective is to search and kill the Fallen Bishop Hibram randomly roaming at the map,the map is filled with Banshees and don't even bother to kill them because they will just keep respawning across the map. If you found and killed the Fallen Bishop, he will summon multiple Fallen Bishop, among them is the real one. Once you have killed him, head back to the starting point and claim your rewards.






The map is a mirror of Nameless Island 01(nameless_n)



   Equipment and Stats:




Str :100~150 weight capacity for Bullets & Berries 

Agi: Until 196 Attack Speed

Dex: 255

Vit & Int : for additional HP & SP


Upper: Drooping Amistr Hat / Chubby Bunny / Hyzo Hat with Duneyrr card / Dark Pinguicula card

Mid :   Golden Wing / Jazz ring / White Icicle wing with Evil Snake Lord Card immunity to Cursed status

Lower: Black tie

Armor: Slotted Armor with Bathory Card -while searching the map for FBH so you won't flinched at 

             Banshee’s Soul Strike of darkness. 

             Slotted Armor with Angeling Card (for FBH’s Holy Cross)  / Gloom Under Night card

Weapon: +7~+9 Thanatos Revolver / Goblin Revolver with Orc Sniper card and Orc Fighter card combo

Garment: Great demon shroud with Isis Card

Footgear: Ebony Greaves with Ascendent Orc card / Nekoring Card

Accessories:2 Recondite Rings / Ring Des Nibelungen with Ifrit Card / Hardened Anvil Card


When you found him, Switch into your armor that has Angeling or Gloom and spam Desperado

Voila.."You successfully completed the operation". Head back to the starting point, the Treasure Chest Reward is waiting for you.





Banshee Card

Fallen Bishop Hibram Card

Falling Bishops Ghost

Asomatous Ring



Special Thanks to Wafflewich 

Constructive Criticism and Feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!


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