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Aka Gelato's Stalker for Sealed Shrine

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Stalker is indeed one of the characters that is good when farming due to their ability to copy skills from other classes using “Plagiarism’. Maybe some people would ask, ‘why stalker for Sealed Shrine as hitter?' The rationale is that the stalker could also make use of Bow as weapon (I will further explain this one), plus their skill ‘Compulsion Discount (25%)’ Compulsion discount is important, especially when the special NPC pops out. We can buy whetstone, speeds, fonts, etc. This advantage from using a stalker class is what we’ll make use of when running Sealed Shrine.


In this instance, my stalker plagiarized the skill Level 10  Triple Attack from my husband’s baby monk (Yes, my husband and I do Sealed Shrine just the two of us). This is important as we want to deal as much damage as we can to Baphomet. Please don’t be confused, we only used baby monk to plagiarize a skill. Normally we got 4 characters for sealed shrine - Professor, Sniper, Stalker, and Soul Linker.



The stats that I place here are the ones I would suggest, however, it is still the player’s discretion on how he/she would allocate the stats to suit his/her playing style. I highly encourage players to discover techniques and strategies as there is no 1:1 prescriptive technique and strategy that would work for everyone.


Now here’s how I allocate stats on my stalker:


STR - 100 (this is so the stalker could carry stuff)

AGI - good enough to get the character into 196 aspd

VIT - 30

INT - 1

DEX - 255 (we will be using bow so this one needs to be maxed)

LUK - the remaining stat points left




Now for the gears, I would suggest the following but please take note that they are not prescriptive, it is still up to you whether you would use them or not. I will just place them down so there will be alternatives for players.


Upper Headgear


Chubby bunny - as the player uses holy arrows, this headgear adds an additional 50% damage to Baphomet and all the other mobs. It also has a slot where a player can add either a Duneyrr card or Dark Pinguicula. Please take note that this headgear is from an event which comes like once a year. Try checking the Retro NPC if there is one such as this, or a differently named headgear with the same effect.




Drooping Amistr - it gives 50% damage against all races and the 25% HP recovery rate is really good as the player tries to kill mobs. I believe this headgear is a staple headgear good for all instances for players who want to be the hitter/killer type. This headgear can be done as a quest, check out: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest



Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm - This freebie from the novice ground is something which a player shouldn’t ignore when it comes to dealing damage in legit areas such as Sealed Shrine. It has two slots, +15 to all stats, and 15% damage to all races.




Middle headgear


White Icicle Wing [2] - this icicle wing gives an additional 5 stats, 30% more damage to Shadow monsters, and 10% less damage from shadow monsters. It is also two slotted. Although take note that legit instances like Sealed Shrine only make use of the first slot, so I suggest it is better to use an Evil Snake Lord card to avoid getting cursed. To get this headgear, check our first the ice wing quest which is on https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ice_Wing_Quest then follow it with the icicle wing quest https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/330-icicle-wings-guide/&tab=comments#comment-1375 for the full guide. Make sure you recolor first your ice wings before turning them into icicle wings.




*I have an Orc Hero card on this one as I also use it to farm in MVP room. This wing is just too handy for me so it’s my all-rounder wing for my stalker/sniper when farming in those places/instances.


Novice Yellow Oracle Wings - hurray for another freebie from the novice grounds ❤️ This is really helpful for those who do not have the finances to buy nor to those who do not have the time to farm or do quests. It has two slots and +15 to all stats. Fancy right? Yet again remember a player can only use 1st slot in legit instances so think carefully which card will be placed on it.




Large Red Wing - This middle headgear can be obtained from doing cedi MVP. If the player is into crit-type then this is the right wing to be used as it amplifies critical attack.




Vexed feathers - This is another wing from the cedi MVP that is more inclined to long-ranged hitters with its additional 5% attack, hit 10% and 10 dex. What’s more is that it allows the player to be immune to blindness.



Golden Wing [1] - love questing for items? Here is one middle headgear that won’t disappoint. Check out golden wing from https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Golden_Wings_(Loki) and see how can this be obtained by doing quests as well as its description.


Lower Headgear


Valentine’s Balloon - an event item which you can also be bought from other players. It’s good for its additional 5% increase damage to non demi humans, which most mobs from Sealed Shrine are.




Kitten Love - what’s good about this lower is that it has anti-silence and blind immune. This is good if the player doesn’t like being blinded by Bapho’s LOV. This is also from an event, but it can be bought from players.




Froggy rucksack - this item can be obtained from doing MOTD. The goodness of this item is on its additional dex and long range damage which is what is needed by stalker for Sealed Shrine.





Alligator Leather Suit, Cloak, and Sandals - if the player so wishes to be on the crit-type then here’s the armor set that is suitable. This can be obtained by Tailoring or buying from other players. It is highly suggested to get +10 refine for its maximum effect. (Kindly click the link for full item description)






Dragon Leather Suit, Cloak, and Sandals - I use this equipment set because it allows the stalker to have high hit and it also gives ignore def. I also love how this equipment set is unbreakable.






+9 Heroic Backpack - This can be obtained by doing MOTD for heroic points and Daily Eden Quests for Pieces of Paradise which won’t cost you a zeny. However, should you wish to buy using credits, buy an unrefined one from Cash Shop worth 3c or buy a +9 from other players. The card I slotted on this cloak armor is Anunaki card.


Check out this link for the full description of Anunaki card - https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Anunaki_Card


Pragmatist Mail - This armor can be obtained from cedi MVP or buy it from other players. Why I suggest this armor? It increases the stalker’s hit plus it is slotted so the player can either stuff in a Byorgue card (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=byorgue+card&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search)

or Gloom Under Night http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?iname=gloom+under+night&page=item_db&quick=1&isearch=Search

Check  out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Pragmatists_Mail for full Pragmatists Mail description.


Great Old Hauberk - Another armor which can only be obtained from cedi MVP or through trading with other players. What else can I say about this but amazing! Atk and matk +5%, critical +10, hit +10, unbreakable and unstrippable. There’s more to it so check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Great_Old_Hauberk for the full item description.


Luk/Dex 10 enchanted Lucius Fire Armor - it’s an armor dropped by ifrit enchanted with dex 10 or luk 10 through hidden enchantment (https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hidden_Enchant). It is one slotted so a player can stuff in a Gloom Under Night card. What’s so good about this? If the player is in party with a professor, stand on the volcano and start hitting baphomet. See how much damage the stalker does!




Enhancing Clip - this accessory really enhances any character’s stats. Get it from a quest and see how truly helpful this accessory is https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Enhancing_Clip

+5 Ruby Rings - A ring crafted for crit-type damage dealer https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ruby_Ring

+5 Zircon Rings - A ring crafted for long-range hitter https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Zircon_Ring

Recondite Ring - a player’s best bet when it comes to rings check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Recondite_Ring. This can be obtained from cedi MVP or buy from other players.

Ring Des Nibelungen - what can you ask for a ring than an additional 5 to all stats, atk 5%, and matk 5%. See https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ring_Des_Nibelungen and learn more on how to obtain this item through a quest.




+10 Composite Bow - poor man’s starter bow. Not to be taken so lightly as it can also be helpful in instances. It may not be the best bow out there but it is 4 slotted so stuff it with Orc Sniper and Orc fighter combo together with either Abysmal Knight or Turtle General card. Make your own combination on these cards and experiment.

+10 Coronis Wing - Stuff 3 Abysmal Knight Cards or 1 Randgris card and 2 Abysmal Knight cards to dispel Baphomet. Use it together with Black-fetched arrow and have a priest aspersio the stalker or use aspersio scrolls. Check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Coronis%27_Wing_(Loki)

+10 Goblin Bow - In my opinion, this is the best bow for MVPing. Click on this link to find out why https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Goblin_Bow

+10 Heartbow - it allows the stalker to double attack. Use this and it will be combined together with Triple Attack skill that was copied. Check out https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Heart_Bow on how to obtain this bow and for full item description. This is actually the main reason why I prefer the stalker to be bow type. The combination of double attack from the bow and triple attack from plagiarism is fantastic.



Stalker as Hitter


A question at this point maybe 'What does a stalker exactly do to kill Baphomet?' Once again for this guide please be reminded that I am in a party of four character Professor for tanking, Soul Linker, Sniper and Stalker.


Let's just say that we're already at the point where Baphomet is summoned. Here's what needs to be done:


As a stalker wait until the professor casts Volcano (this works best when the stalker is wearing fire armor with gloom card), then let the professor lure Baphomet in the middle where the seal is placed. Now, once Baphomet is in the middle of the seal, the stalker should stand on the volcano. Hit Baphomet as much as possible along with the sniper and/or soul linker. However, when the seals change, stop hitting Baphomet and wait once more until Baphomet is placed in the middle of the seal in either of the four seals (2, 4, 8, or 10 o'clock').

Once Baphomet is dead, there is a chance that a special NPC will pop-up. This is where stalker is crucial. With compulsion discount, buy items like whetstone, speed potions, etc.


That’s all I can share when it comes to Stalker for Sealed Shrine. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. 



IGN: Aka Gelato (sinX)

Other IGNs: 
Aka Champagne (star glad)
Aka Pancake (creo)
Aka Sushi (HP)
Cards Galore (baby merch)
Artemis Moon (sniper)

Edited by Aka Gelato
added stalker as hitter and PS
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One suggestion right off, consider using the default font color.

I use the forums default dark design and can't read anything. lol


EDIT: On PC it is better too read, but I had maybe still recommended the default font color.

Nonetheless, neat guide. How about maybe add how to handle Bapho on stalker? Since he will fight back and not just sit there and wait till he is dead. haha

Edited by gcq
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10 hours ago, gcq said:

One suggestion right off, consider using the default font color.

I use the forums default dark design and can't read anything. lol


EDIT: On PC it is better too read, but I had maybe still recommended the default font color.

Nonetheless, neat guide. How about maybe add how to handle Bapho on stalker? Since he will fight back and not just sit there and wait till he is dead. haha

Thanks for pointing it out Mel ❤️ I will work on editing it.

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