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Aka Gelato

Commands every player ought to use!

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Hi everyone, most of us know the commands and how helpful they are in-game. I am writing this for the benefit of those who are not accustomed to the commands. For the list of commands in Loki kindly check the link: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Loki

I will also be including here the PMable NPCs so that everyone would be familiar with them.

Let's start!


@autoloot [number] - the number may be from .2 (card drop rate) to 100 if the player wishes to loot everything

@alootid +[item number or name of the item] - this allows the player to loot certain items of their choice. In this server, we're only allowed to loot up to 10 items.

@ii [item name] - this helps the player to find the appropriate item number of a certain item to avoid getting confused with items of the same name but different category/type/slot.

@id [item number] - this allows the player to check the item description

@mi [monster name] - this gives an idea to the player on element, race, size, drops etc of a certain monster

@whereis [monster name or monster ID] - this allows a player to locate which map/dungeon the monster can be found

@whodrops [item name] - this is to find which monster drops a certain item and at what percentage is the drop rate

@playerstate - this helps players know how to check resistance etc. Follow the instructions on what to type for a certain information the player is looking for.

@ss [item name or item number] - if there's something a player wishes to buy from vendors, then this is the command to type.

@storage - this is to check out what items are inside the storage without using kafra services

@gstorage - it allows the player to open guild storage only if the player has access to it

@storeall - stores every single item from inventory and equipment all in one go to storage

@storeall2 - this command moves items only from inventory to storage

@storeall3 - this, on the other hand, moves items only from equipment to storage

@return - it allows the player to go back to save point.

@go [town name or number] - lets the player warp to a certain town

@refresh - when the player feels kind of stuck, try this command.

/invite [player name] - allows the player to invite a fellow player in a party

/guildinvite [player name] - lets a player with invite powers to invite another player into a guild.

@away and @aw <message> - it allows the player to leave a message that he/she is afk. it will be automatically sent to those PMing

@exall - if the player wants to be undisturbed by PMs or just wants to be snobbish then here it the command.

@part #[channel] - this lets the player to be away from a certain channel only for a period of time or until he/she logs back in. If the player wishes it to be permanent go to the settings NPC in prontera

@noks - no KS when farming/leveling except for areas that allow KS.

@die - lets the player die on the spot

@timers - enables a player to see whether he/she can enter the instance or not

@uptime - this helps players check how long the server is up since maintenance/restart.

@time - this gives an idea on the current server time

@commands - lists down all the commands in-game

/str(or any other stat)+ number - to add points to stats

@refineryui - opens up the refine window so players can refine without going to the NPC


PMable NPCs:

Type these NPC names on the left tab with the message on the message bar on the right side.

NPC:Marvin <any message> - lets the player see his/her current cedi points and number of points

NPC:RDC <any message> - provides information on how many tickets are available to use and when it will refresh

NPC:Server <nocostume> - removes santa costume and summer costume and others.

NPC:Reset <load#[1-9]> or <list> - This PMs the Reset girl NPC. If the player has saved stats and skills, just PM it here to load the saved stats/skills.

NPC: Server <itemreset> - allows the player to delete any unwanted items without the need to delete the character. HOWEVER. make sure that the THERE IS NO IMPORTANT ITEM in the INVENTORY before typing this command. Follow the instructions carefully as failure to comply with the instructions and missing items from this command may not be covered by oops policy.

NPC:VIP <enter> - enables the player to enter VIP lounge

NPC: Autotrade <any message> - it enables the cart item vendor player to automatically vend with the use of autotrade coupon. Follow the instructions.

NPC:Report <name of player and offense> - report any person who violates the rules of the game. Make sure you have screenshots as proofs in case the GM team need it. Don't make a joke out of it otherwise the player who reported or accused anyone might be punished. 


Here are the commands that I think are really important for all players to remember. It saves time (and the trolling from other players). Be advised that these commands won't work when the player is inside Cedi or RDC instance. Memorizing them will keep the player effective and efficient in-game.


Have a great day. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Edited by Aka Gelato
added @refineryui and /str+ 254 etc stats command
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Thanks to Mel for this PMable NPC which I just learned today.

NPC:Monster of the Day <any message> - to check what monster is to be hunted for the day and how many heroic points will it be. It will also let the player choose whether to accept the mission or not.

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Don't know if you knew the command, but you could add to the loot list @aloottype +[category], for example @aloottype +armor.

Note: seem to only work if you write them small letters (armor not Armor).



EDIT: tested a bit around with that, loot % seem to still count with in that, if you lets say go loot 1, you will not get loot that always drops even if you aloottype it.

Edited by gcq
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5 hours ago, Aka Gelato said:

@storeall 2 and @storeall 3 are the commands for storing items and equipment

What so they work if you add space? Man, I didn't know. I always manually alt right click my loots to storage. *facepalm*

This will save a lot of time next time, thanks! :) I'll try it when I get home later

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