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SugarFree’s Sniper Guide to Krakens Lair

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Kraken’s Lair (Sniper)

IGN: SugarFree

Are you in the mood for some undersea adventure? Or are you allergic to some seafood and want to take your frustration out on the game? Well step right up, this is the perfect instance for you! Help Nobby by defeating the Kraken in the instance Kraken’s Lair. It is a custom instance that can be repeated and has 2 hours cooldown period. Donates are allowed with exception to Ahura and Angra. You need to be in a party to enter the instance, having a party is recommended, however you may also finish it solo.




Warp to Under Sea Tunnel F5 (Iz_dun04) or most commonly known as Byalan Dungeon,

Head the top center of the map at  /navi lz_dun04 114/248 where Nobby the Novice is waiting.


Choose to Kick him errrr Ask him what’s wrong to start the conversation, Once you’re cleared you will be warped to a custom map. Where you have 4 objectives here and 5 keys to collect in total. The more keys you had the better the rewards are. There is a 1hr time limit for the instance.


Equipment and Stats


Hitter:                                                                Tank:



Hitter:Drooping Amistr, Candy Cane Hat

Tank: Marin Hat / Marin Party Hat with Leafcats card


Hitter:Large Red Angelwing with Duneyrr card

Tank: Large White Angelwing with Leafcat card


Hitter: Red Tie, Orange/Black tie with Orc Hero Card

Tank: Yatta, Hip Ribbon


Hitter: Great Old Hauberk/ Slotted Armor with Marc Card

Tank: Variegated Vest (Wind) with Detale card


Hitter: +7/+9 Heroic BackPack with Anunaki card

TankCaliginous Cloak / Leather or Tendrilion with Marse card


Hitter Ebony Greaves/ Fey Boots/ Footgear Antique with Ascendent Orc Card or Icering card

Tank: Apache Coated Boots with Icering card


Hitter:Recondite Rings – with Implosion Cards you may add additional dex+3 orbs

        Ring Des Nibelugen  or similar that adds attack with Implosion Card and or Hardened Anvil Card

Tank: Puff Eye Ring


Gale Bow (Upgraded) with Abysmal Knight card

Goblin Bow – with 2x Turtle General Card or Aunoe Cards

Thanatos Bow – with 2x Turtle General Card or 2 Abysmal Knight Cards

Spectral Bow – 2x Abysmal knight, Turtle General Card, Randgris Card

FOR TANK: Grimtooth (Kraken has an Investigate Skill)


I highly recommend to be Stun,Freeze, Silence and Stone Curse immune



  • STR:100~150 weight capacity for Berries and Arrows

  • AGI: Until 196 ASPD

  • VIT: Add more if you're going to solo tank Kraken

  • DEX: Maxed

  • LUK: For Criticals



  • Yggdrasil Berries

  • Blue Potions

  • Wind and Fire Quivers

  • Yggdrasil Leaf






'Squidgitte'/'Squidgitte'/'SQUIDGITTE' (2204)

Weak to Wind Element

**Squidgittes ‘s Tentacles**


'King Kray'/'King Kray'/'KING_KRAY' (2198)

Weak to Wind Element

**King Kray’s Pincer**


'Lamp Ray'/'Lamp Ray'/'LAMP_RAY' (2201)

Weak to Wind Element

**Lamp Ray’s Fin**


   'Octopot'/'Octopot'/'OCTOPOT' (2203)

   Weak to Fire Element

     **Octopot’s Shell**


'Kraken Leg'/'Kraken Leg'/'KRAKEN_LEG' (2206)

Weak to Wind Element                  


'Kraken'/'Kraken'/'KRAKEN' (2202)

Level:255 HP:7715255 SP:1 Base EXP:26545000 Job EXP:21275000

DEF:60 MDEF:64 STR:445 AGI:455 VIT:50 INT:455 DEX:472 LUK:492

ATK:8550~13500 Range:3~10~12 Size:Large Race: Fish Element: Water (Lv:4)

Cast Waterball, Pneuma, Investigate






Map is divided into 4 parts:



It is recommended that you kill all the monsters all along the way as they drop quest items that you need to unlock the last area where Kraken is. The items are Squidgitte’s Tentacle, Lamp Ray’s Fin, Octopot’s Shell, and King Kray’s Pincer.

1. Entry Area

Keep following the path then head to the stairs and look for the corpse and collect the treasure map


1st Key: Look around the algae in this area and you will get a key.


Then head to the door, it will ask you the name of the city, type Atlanture to enter.


2. Bubble Area

The moment you enter this area Nobby will mention about the bubbles. There are 13 bubbles to deactivate, you can deactivate it by simply clicking the bubbles. A text will appear once you deactivate a bubble. After that, it will open up the door to the next area. Before heading out the door, pass by the staircase and look for a key in the center of the door way. Head to Nobby and he will warp you to the next area.



2nd Key: You can obtain the key if you deactivate all the bubbles and then pass by the stairs and look for it in the doorway. If you succeed, you will get the 2nd key as well as the title Bubbler.



3. Barracks Area

3rd Key: In this area, you'll see a monster like weapon like Tirfing, Mysteltainn and Executioner. Hunt and kill them all  then you'll obtain the 3rd key. You can obtain the 4th key by simply opening the altar door.


In this area, you will also need those 4 quest items from the mobs. Worry not if you weren't able to get all because Nobby will sell those for hefty 10,000,000z each, (dang Nobby!). Otherwise, he will give you an option to go back to the first area. Once you have completed you may go to the altar and put all the 4 items. The door will open up that will lead to the next area.



4. Kraken Area


The last area is where the Kraken is located. Around the map, there are 4 pairs of Tentacles (8 in total) and 2 appendages beside the Kraken itself. If you have not killed all of them before facing the Kraken you will not be able to deal a lot of damage. When you have killed all of them Kraken will be easier to kill.


Note: Land Protector is a must, otherwise you won't be able to hit the Kraken, It cast a skill Pneuma. Make sure you have a Professor class or you may wear an armor with Detale card.        



Once you have killed the Kraken you'll obtain the 5th key. Head to the center of the map to find the treasure box waiting. You have 2 minutes until Nobby finds the way out. Congrats!!!







Keys are related to what kind of rewards you will get:


Aside from these rewards you can also find a lot of Tidal Shoes and collect Ice Piece for another quest here in the instance. There is also an achievement where upon the completion of 100 Kraken’s Lair instance you will be awarded a costume.


Special thanks to Wafflewich :) and for my friends who give tips on how to do parts of the instance. Thank you for reading and enjoy! Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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